LED Strip Lights - Frequently Asked Questions


Question   What type of LEDs are used on your LED Strip / Tape?
Answer   Our LED Strips are fitted with branded LEDs such as Samsung, or Epistar LEDs with 3 emitters on each chip these are called "5050" LED SMD Chips they are up to 3 times brighter than the many cheaper single LED Chips called "3528" LEDs.
Question   I have seen cheaper LED Strip / Tape elsewhere, why does yours cost more?

It is all down to quality and the grade of LED Strip.  Our Waterproof LED Strip has a double protective coating with Silicone on the outside of a central resin core.  This is much more durable, does not smell and will not split like Resin LED Tape.  This even allows the LED Tape to be unpeeled and reused elsewhere.

The LEDs on our LED Strip are from an established (1996) Manufacturer in Taiwan called Epistar. In the past 10 years we have been selling LED Strip, these LEDs have proved themselves to have a long lifetime and are of very high quality. A lifetime of at least 30,000 hours can be expected for our standard LED Strip, and at least 50,000 hours for our Constant Current LED Strip.

Epistar LogoMany of the cheaper LED Strips and Tapes may use LEDs which from the outside look identical to Epistar or Samsung LEDs but could be cheap Chinese copies with poor internal materials, which give rise to a short lifespan - perhaps as short as 6 months!  The LEDs on these cheap strips are usually mounted to a very thin circuit board with copper tracks which do not adequately dissipate the heat away from the LEDs further shortening the lifetime of the product. Most of these LED Strips are designed for short term use such as festival and holidays.

The cheap Chinese LED Strips can also have LEDs which are poorly graded for colour consistency so the colour along the length of the same strip can look very uneven, for example some LEDs may appear a different white colour to others which can look blue or warm white in colour.

For long term use and professional installation our Constant Current LED Strip is a much wiser choice, it will outlast most other LED Strip currently on the market.

Click here for more information regarding different Grades of LED Strip.

Question   Does LED Strip need Drivers?
Answer   LED Strip is uually 12vdc so will require a Power Supply, this is basically a Transformer which reduces mains 240vAC to a safe 12vdc. The Colour Changing RGB LED Strip will need a Colour Controller so that it can display multiple colours.
Question   How far can the LED Tape be installed from the Power Supply?
Answer   We recommend no further than 15 Meters away using a heavy 2-core cable (1.5mm2) to reduce potential voltage drop which could cause the LED Tape to be dimmer than it should be. For installations beyond this we have a 24vdc Constant Current LED Strip.
Question   Can LED Tape and LED Strips be dimmed?
Answer   Yes, in the case of single colour LED Strip either from the low voltage side using a 12vdc Dimmer between the Power Supply and the LED Strip.  It is now also possible to use one of our Mains Dimmable Transformers with a Varilight V-Pro Dimmer Module, for controlling from a wall plate.
Question   What is the maximum length of LED Strip that can be powered?
    It depends on the type of LED Strip or Tape.  A continuous length of 10 Meters of our On-Board Constant Current Strip.
Question   How much LED Strip can be powered from a single power supply
Answer   From a 12.5A PSU upto 37 Meters of our Constant Current LEDStrip canbe powered.
Question   Is LED Strip / Tape waterproof?
Answer   We have both waterproof and non-waterproof LED Strips, it will be stated if the particular LED Strip is waterproof or not. Submersion under water is not recommended even for Waterproof LED Strips . The products is particularly suited for use in bathrooms and kitchens or even outdoors.