10 Watt LED Downlight with Driver - replaces 50w Halogens

Product Description

If you are looking to save a lot of money on lighting for your home or office, then this 10W LED Downlight is ideal.

By using this product you will reduce your electricity bill for lighting by 76%, and not have to constantly replace the lamp. Reducing your carbon footprint is an added bonus.

You could save over £8000 on your electricity bills and replacement halogen lamps by installing 30 of these throughout your home.

Below: The 2 photos show a 50w Halogen and 10W LED Downlight (Warm White) side-by-side.

The existing mains wiring for the Halogen was used to connect to the LED Driver. The hole had to be enlarged which was done with a plasterboard saw.

Below: 10w LED Downlights used in offices.

The LED Downlight is finished in an attractive aluminium housing which doubles up as the heatsink for the LED, by keeping the LED cool it will provide a long lifetime. Unlike Halogens and Fluorescents no heat is projected from LEDs so it must be carried away from the LED which is why heatsinks are used much like a computer processor.

The 10w LED Produces approximately 650 Lumens of lightwith a similar light output to a 50 w att Halogen (or 60w tungsten bulb) whilst only consuming a mere 12 watts of total power.

By using 4 of these in a room, you will be using 76% less power than with Halogens. So instead of using 200 watts you will be using a just 48 watts and without sacrificing any brightness in light.

  • No UV Radiation
  • 40,000 Hour Lifetime

The LED Downlight has fittings built into the casing to hold the lamp in place, a driver is included with each lamp.

The Driver converts the mains 240vAC voltage into a safe low voltage of 30v dc.

Unlike many inferior LED Downlights and replacement bulbs on the market this product uses a single High Power 10w Light Engine.

We believe this product is in use in SKY Head Quarters and Chelsea Football Club.

A Driver is included with every LED Downlight.

Ideal for:

  • Commercial Lighting
  • Office / Home Lighting
  • Retail / Display / Shop Lighting

Colours available: Warm White (3000K) and Cool White 5000K)

The Cool white gives a similar colour temperature to 6500k Fluorescent Tubes.

The table below shows the cost of running Halogens compared to our 10W LED Downlighter.

Whilst the initial outlay for the 10w LED Down lights looks expensive, it is false economy not to upgrade to them, you will simply be paying your electricity supplier for more electricity used in the long term.

This lamp is Not Dimmable, we have stock LED Downlights that are Dimmable.


Product Specification

Diameter including flange103mm
Hole Cut Diameter92mm
Body Depth85mm
Body Diameter80mm
LED Type10w LED Chip
LED BrandLustrous
Total Power Consumption12w
VoltageWorldwide (100vAC - 240vAC)
Light Dispersion90-120 degrees
Luminous Flux (Lumens)White - 650Lm
Warm White - 550Lm
Colour TemperatureWhite - 5000K
Warm White 3000K
IP RatingNon-waterproof
CertificationsCE, UL, RoHS

Driver Specifications

Input Voltage90vAC-264vAC
Dimensions85mm (L) x 35mm (W) x 23mm (H)
Load Regulation+/- 3%
ProtectionOCP, SCP, OTP. Auto Recovery
Operation Temp.-40c - +50c, TC - 90c
MTBF @25c>100,000 hours, MIL-217F
SafetyUL1310, Class 2, CUL (48vdc LUL only)

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