1.5 Meter RGB LED Tape (SILICONE) (60 LEDs per Meter)

Product Description

This LED Tape is identical to our standard RGB LED Tape except it has twice as many LEDs per Meter.

It is ideal for where you want even more light!

As usual it is durable and is suitable for use in damp and wet environments.

It can be used with our Flexi (2.1 Million Colour) Driver and optional controllers.

To get the best out of the product we recommend using the Flexi Driver (shown below), this will give you automatic colour cycling which takes about 90 seconds to go through the colours,any colour can be frozen by switching the power off and back on, to unlock simply repeat.

For additional push button control over colours; to slow the colour phase down, lock colours, set scenes and music response you should use either the ZAP+ or ZEN Controllers (below).


Product Specification

Total Power18 Watts
Dimensions12.5mm (W) x 4.5mm (D) x 1.5 Meters
Wire Length Pre-fitted400mm (15") Extendable
LED TypeRGB 3 Chip SMD
Current draw~350mA per colour
1.5A on white (max. current draw)
Light Dispersion140 degrees
Luminous Flux (lm) per 500mm~540
Dominant Wavelength (nm)Red 625 Green 525 Blue 470
LED Spacing16mm
Cutting Points50mm (2") Intervals
LED Qty30 Per Meter
DurabilitySplashproof IP65
CertificationsRoHS, CE

Product Documents

Product Code: 1500RGBT-S(60LED/M)


Quantity Discount


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  Colour Controller Price  
ZAP (2.1M Colour) Controller £38.00

Flexi Driver (2.1M Colour Driver) £35.00
Quantity :
ZEN (2.1M Colour) Controller with Remote & Remote/Display £78.00

  Power Supplies Price  
2A Switchmode Plug-top 12vdc Power Supply. This will power up to 3 Meters of LED Tape £8.00

2A Switchmode In-Line 12vdc Power Supply, Free DC Connector (5 Amp) £14.00