150 Tail Fibre Optic Harness (4 Meters)

Product Description

Resembling a horses tail this Harness is made up of individual Fibre Optic Strands which are grouped at one end into an Aluminium fitting.

A light shone into the end passes through all of the fibres, each of the Fibres can be installed where required. Due to only light being transmitted the Fibre is suitable for use around or under water.

The Fibre is plastic so will not break or crack, it has a protective black insulation which can be removed with Automatic wire strippers where necessary.

The Fibre can be cut to any length, it can even be knotted and bent at 90 degrees by gently heating with a heat gun, and holding until cool (for several seconds) with a set of pliers.

Available in 2 Meter and 4 Meter Lengths.

If the projector is mounted centrally the span of the Fibre Optics will be twice that of the Harness length. For example if used to create a Fibre Optic Star Ceiling the projector should be placed in the centre of the ceiling, so a 2 Meter Harness will provide a span of 4 Meters, and a 4 Meter Harness a span of 8 Meters, enough for most ceilings. Longer lengths are available by request.

This item is only sold with our CoolFusion LED Projector


Product Specification

Length4 Meters
2 Meters also available
Number of Tails150
Outer Diameter1.5mm
Fibre Diameter0.75mm
Protective CoatingYes
UseabilityBendable (with heating)
Joinable (with Heatshrink)

Product Code: 150TF/4