3w LED Fibre Optic Stars Kit - Single Colour

Product Description

Our latest Fibre Optic Kit features a high quality Constant Current LED Projector assembled in the U.K.

When it comes to illuminating End-Lit Fibres a relatively powerful LED equivalent to a 30w Halogen is capable of producing a very effective star effect. Due to the way the human eye perceives points of light a power hungry 50w or 100w halogen is not necessary.

  • Ceilings
  • Stairs
  • Tiled Floors & and Walls

We can supply the kit with a Pure White (5000k) projector, Warm White (2800k), or RGB (Colour Changeable) projector - see 'Other Options' to the right of the page.

There are several kits available each, each a different length, with a different number of stars.

When choosing the length of Fibre please bear in mind if the projector is to be located at the centre of the ceiling, it will give you double the span. This means a 3M Kit will give a span or diameter of 4 Meters, or a 4M kit will give an 8 Meter Span.

Each Kit includes the Projector, Fibre Optic Harness (this is the bundle of Fibres, In-Line 12vdc Power Supply (Transformer) with Mains Plug (this can also be hardwired to a Light Switch or Sensor by an Electrician.

Kits available:

3M Fibre Optic Kit with 120 Stars (60 × 0.75mm Stars, 60 × 0.95mm Stars)

3M Fibre Optic Kit with 220 Stars (120 × 0.75mm Stars, 120 × 0.95mm Stars)

4M Fibre Optic Kit with 220 Stars (110 × 0.75mm Stars, 110 × 0.95mm Stars)

Product Specification

VoltageDual 12/24vdc
LED1 × 3W
Halogen Equivalent30w
Power3W (250ma)
IP RatingNone
Lifetime40,000 hours
Warranty3 Years
CertificationsCE, RoHS

Product Code: 3wFOK

Select Colour
Select Length & Number of Stars

Fibre Optic Star Kit Prices:

3M Kit with 120 Stars £119.50
3M Kit with 220 Stars £165.50
4M Kit with 220 Stars £190.50

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