Electronic Dimmer (8A) - Rotary

Product Description

This dimmer connects between the output of the Power Supply and the input to the LED Tape or other single colour product such as our Plinth Lights.

The Dimmer can control several lengths connected to the output of the Dimmer (see diagram below), these lengths will be controlled in sync.

It is rated at 8A so can handle a maximum of 14 Meters of LED Tape.

Can also be used for dimming control for:

  • Mini LED Screw Lights
  • SMD LED Modules
  • Superflux LED Modules

The dimmer can easily be fitted in a standard wall switch blanking plate for a tidy installation, as shown in diagram.

Product Specification

Max Through Current8 Amps (96 Watts)
Dimensions of box89mm x 60mm x 27mm

Product Code: E/DIMMER



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  Dimmers Price  
Remote Control Electronic Dimmer (3 Amps) £12.50