Flexible LED Light Strip (6 Meter Length)

Product Description

Our Flexible LED Light Strip is similar to our LED Tape but without the protective coating.

It is non-waterproof and ideal for use indoors where it will not come into contact with water or moisture.

As the name suggests LED Strip is completely flexible which makes it ideal for a multitude of lighting applications from lighting around architraves and plinths to back-lighting pictures and product display cases.

LED Strip is easy to install:
Decide where you want to fit the LED Strip and simply remove the 3M self-adhesive backing from the back of the LED Strip and fit into place.

The LED Strip is powered by a 12v Power Supply (Transfomer) which reduces the mains voltage to a safe low voltage for the LED Strip. The Power Supplies are listed below.

It has branded LEDs which have 3 Emitters per LED for a much brighter and more uniform light output.

The LED Strip has cutting points at 100mm (4 Inch) intervals. This allows it to be trimmed to the length required for custom light installations such as for lighting inside or outside cabinets. The remaining length or offcuts can be easily fitted with new wires allowing them to be used elsewhere.

This product is energy efficient drawing around 6-7.2 watts per meter.

Available in White & Warm White

The LED Strip is dimmable by using the Dimmers shown below.

Product Specification

Current Draw (Approx)3A (3000ma)
BrightnessApprox 500 Lm per Meter
Width of LED Strip10mm
Depth of LED Strip3mm
LED TypeSMD 3-Chip
LED Spacing32mm
Wire Length400mm
Warm White3500K
DurabilityNot Waterproof
CertificationsCE, RoHS

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White LED Strip 12vdc LED Strip is very thin and flexible