Regulated Current and Voltage 12vdc LED Strip

Product Description

Regulated Current & Voltage LED Strip is the preferred choice for professional installations.

The way in which the current and voltage are regulated to the LEDs makes a lifetime beyond 50,000 hours possible. Standard LED Strips only have voltage regulation via 1 or 2 resistors.

3 Year Warranty

The on-board transistors regulate the current and voltage to each LED. This ensures even brightness along the entire length and protect the LEDs from excessive current and voltage which could cause them to overheat, this results in a much longer lifetime than standard LED Strip with very little deterioration in brightness over time.

As with our other LED Strips this Regulated Current Strip can be powered from our standard 12vdc Power Supplies (Transformers).

There are cutting points at every LED (33mm). Each LED is in effect it's own circuit.

Where required the Strip can be cut as short as a single LED or can be run to a maximum length of 10 Meters with a power draw of just 36 watts.

The LED Strip can be cut into the necessary lengths and wires can be soldered from one length of strip to another for installations in cabinets, shelves and the like. This is a much neater way of running the LED Strip so that only one length of cable is run to one power supply.

It can be dimmed by using either of our 2 dimmers shown towards the bottom of this page.

Available in White (6000k) or Warm White (3500k).

The White produces a cool white near to that of a computer display, it is ideal for use where a clean modern look is desired.

Warm White closely matches that of Halogens and is in keeping with most home lighting for living rooms and areas of relaxation.

Regulated Current and Voltage LED Strip is compatible with our Aluminium Profiles allowing you to custom make your lighting fixture to your exact requirements.

Below is a selection of the Power Supplies or Transformers for the LED Strip.

Choose the appropriate Power Supplies:

1A Power Supply - runs up to 3 Meters of LED Strip.

2A Power Supply - runs up to 6 Meters of LED Strip.

3A Power Supply - runs up to 9 Meters of LED Strip.

5A Power Supply - runs up to 15 Meters of LED Strip.


Product Specification

LED TypeSMD Triple Chip
LED BrandEpistar
Current per Meter300mA
Power Draw per Meter3.6 Watts
Width of LED Strip10mm
Depth of LED Strip2.2mm
Lengths available1 - 10M
Brightness Lumens /M~400
LEDs per Meter30
Cutting Points33mm
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Warranty3 Years

Product Code: C/C-LEDSTRIP

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As low as £14.40* per Meter including VAT.

*(when you buy a 10 Meter Length)