Remote Control Electronic Dimmer (3 Amps)

Product Description

This is a radio remote so will work through walls, it does not need line of sight.

The receiver Connects between the output of the Power Supply and the input to the LED Tape (or other light source).

It has up and down control over brightness and a on/off switch. It will resume the last brightness setting when switched on.

It is rated at 3A so can handle a maximum of 5 Meters of LED Tape.

Can also be used for dimming brightness of:

  • Mini LED Screw Lights
  • SMD LED Modules
  • LED Plinth Lights
  • Superflux LED Modules

Product Specification

Max Through Current3 Amps (36 Watts)
Dimensions inc. Terminals106mm x 57mm x 34mm

Product Code: RCE/DIMMERv2