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10w Flood Light

Tue, 06 Dec 2016

ICELED have now made their 10w Flood Light even smaller with a depth of just 54mm. The 10w Flood Light is dual voltage of 12/24vdc making it a safe solution for outdoor colour changing lighting, either to illuminate the outside of a building or for highlighting garden features such as trees, waterfalls and statues. The 24vdc makes it possible to use the lights where long cablerunsof 30-40 metres of required without affecting the brightness or colour of the lights.

The new 10w Flood Light Previous 10w Flood Light


Each Flood Light has a Data Input making it possible to synchronise a bank of 10w Flood Lights so that they change colours at the same time. By using our ZEN Infra-Red Controller or DMX Bridge it is even possisble for colours to sweep from one Flood to another creating a mexican wave of light flowing along the lights.  The ZEN has a sound-to-light response mode, changing colours to music.

The cheap Chinese alternatives cannot be networeked and are 240vac making them unsuitable for most garden lighting installations.