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Garden illuminated with Colour Changing LED Spotlights

Tue, 30 Apr 2013

Garden illuminated with Colour Changing RGB Spotlights

This garden has been brought to life with RGB Spotlights.  Our RGB Spotlights draw a mere 3 watts of power each but produce coloured light equal to a 25-30w halogen.

Due to the built-in current and voltage regulation the Spotlights can be used at a long distance from the power input, this is particularly useful for gardens where lights can sometimes 30-40 meters or more from the nearest power supply.

Any colours can be shown from white, to off-whites with pastel shades such as pastel greens, or light shades of pink.  Vivid colours such as reds and blues can create the illusion of flowers and leaves changing colours as the colours from the visible spectrum are absorbed and reflected in different ways depending on the colour.

Photos courtesy of Scenic Stone.

The RGB Spotlights can show over 2 Million colours if used with the Flexidriver, sound to light effects, Zones, Palettes and variable speed control and colour ranges are possible when connected via the ZEN Controller.

All of these effects are controlled by a single Infra-Red Remote.  The ZEN can be set to remember it's last setting which will resume when the lights are switched on at the power.