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New Colour Driver for RGB LED Strip and other Mood Lighting Products

Tue, 13 Aug 2013

Colour Driver for RGB LED Strip and other Mood Lighting Products


We are pleased to announce the new Colour Driver for our RGB LEDs called the Flexi Driver+.  Stock will arrive on Tuesday 20 August but is available to order now.

Size illustation of RGB LED Colour DriverColour Driver for RGB LED Light Strip

It is essence a Flexi Driver with control built into it.

The Flexi Driver+ looks very similar to the standard Flexi Driver, it is housed in the same compact ABS enclosure.

However in addition the Flexi Driver+ has different labelling and 2 Rocker Switches and an additional terminal port.

The Flexi Driver+ is plug and play, it has a 12v/24v DC Socket allowing direct connection to a 12vdc Power Supply (transformer).  Any of our LED Mood Lighting Light sources such as the RGB LED Strip, RGB LED Tape, RGB Modules, or even the RGB Spotlights can be directly connected into the corresponding Red, Green, and Blue and +V terminals as shown in the photo below:

Flexidriver+ running RGB LED Modules

A Flexdriver+ running a Colour Changing (RGB) Plinth Light, Below:

Flexidriver+ running a Colour Changing LED Plinth Light

So what does it do?

It can be used as a standard Flexi Driver for external control from the DMX Bridge, ZEN, or ZAP+ Controllers, this is done by setting the Program Switch to "Off".  Or it can be used on it's own without any other controllers being required.

There are 5 available Modes for each of the 2 Progams (A/B).

The Flexi Driver+ can display static colours with control over Brightness, White Saturation, and Hue, allowing any colour to be chosen out of a possible 2,097,152 (2.1 Million) Colours!

It can also be set to follow a Smooth Colour Scroll where it will gradually and seamlessly change through the visible spectrum of colours, the speed of the colour change can be increased or decreased.

For when desired the Flexi Driver+ can be set to Sound to Light Mode which will change the colour of the lights in response to sounds or music.

We think one of the best features of this new product is the Automatic Dimmer this can save on energy being used when nobody is present.  The sound level in the environment is constantly monitored but the Flexi Driver+ to determine whether the surrounding space required the full lighting level or not.  Should there be 5 minutes of silence if a program is active, the lighting level is gently reduced to a pre-set level in order to manage power consumption.  When this is not required the pre-set level can be set to maximum.

The Flexi Driver+ will be competitevely priced at just £46.95 with an automatic discount for orders of 2 or more.