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Side-Glow Fibre Optic Cable

Wed, 18 Sep 2013

Side Glow Fibre Optic Cable is a Clear Plastic Polymer.  Standard End-Lit Fibers illuminate at the end only but Side Glow Fibre as the name suggests illuminates along it’s length.

Side-Glow Fibre is completely transparent

Traditional Glass Fibre Optics can fracture and break. Our Side Glow Fibre is made from PMMA* Fibre (or Plexiglas) as it is otherwise known, is shatterproof. 

Side-Glow Fibre Showing Green

It’s composition allows it to follow contours which makes it ideal for use in architectural designs. 

One of it’s main uses is areas where it will come into contact with water such as around swimming pools, bathrooms, or even in the garden. Since only light is being carried down the fibre and not electricity there is no concern over potential short circuit, or electric shock.  The light source and transformer (or Power Supply) can be housed in a dry location.

Our 3 Watt Fibre Optic Projector is an ideal light source for Side-Glow Fibre because it projects a concentrated beam of light at the right angle to make the cable glow brightly with any colour/s you choose.

PMMA Fibre lasts for years and can be trimmed to the exact length required when installed, off-cuts can be reused.  Side Glow Fibre Optic Cable is available for £8.75 per Meter with an automatic Quantity Discount.

*PMMA is an abbreviation for Polymethyl Methacrylate