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Why most of the GU10 LEDs currently on the market are a bad investment!

Mon, 25 Mar 2013

You may have already seen the standard GU10 LED Bulbs being used in shops and restaurants and perhaps even in your friend's or relative's homes.

GU10 LEDs are direct replacements for 50w GU10 Halogens, currently they range from 3w to 9w and usually have 3 to 5 LEDs fitted in them.

They offer a "quick fix" solution but it in our opinion they are a poor substitute for high quality LED Downlights.

Why most of the GU10 LEDs currently on the market are a Bad investment:

  • An afterthought. Some GU10 LEDs have long heat sinks so will not fit directly into the GU10 Halogen Holders, they have to be left protruding which can look unsightly
  • Poor light quality.  There are 2 main colour temperatures for the GU10 LEDs, the white can look cold and clinical and the warm white can appear yellow or just plain weird looking.
  • Flickering.  This does not affect them all and is constantly being improved but be aware there are some being sold on the market which produce a very fast strobing effect which may be barely visible but could be uncomfortable to the eye.
  • Short lifetime.  LEDs can last 50,000 hours, but their lifetime can be drastically reduced if they are overpowered, and if the junction of the LED is not kept below the temperature specified by the manufacturer.  The higher powered GU10 LEDs do not really have enough surface area on their heat sinks to adequately dissipate the heat away from the LEDs.  The built-in driver produces heat too adding to the overall temperature that both the driver and the LED are subject to leading to a reduction in lifetime.
  • Double trouble.  Their are 2 parts that can fail, the LEDs or the built-in Driver (Transformer), if either fail then usually the whole LED fitting will need to be disposed of.

The Solution

The fact that you are reading this is probably because you are looking to replace your Halogens or Light Bulbs.  You can either "buy cheap pay twice" or spend a little more and purchase LED Downlights.  At the very least please call us first.

Our Downlights offer the following advantages:Dimmable 18 Watt LED Downlight

  • The latest Chip-On-Board Technology - a single LED with a matrix of LED Emitters.
  • The Driver (Transformer) is external the electronics run much cooler providing a longer lifetime.
  • No flicker or strobing due to the smoothing circuit built into the driver, this eliminates the mains 50hz cycle visible is some GU10 LEDs.
  • Fast "on" time with no delay.
  • Long lifetime the LED is not overpowered, and the temperature is kept to a minimum by using an external driver and using a large heatsink with much more surface area than the GU10s.
  • They Look the part whether installed in a terraced house, mansion, or 17th century cottage.

Some customers are unsure which Downlights to buy and how many.  We offer a 7 Day money-back guarantee, so you can try 1 or 2 of our Downlights risk free.   We encourage our customers to compare them against any GU10 LED, we guarantee the light is brighter, looks good and is very close to the light produced by halogens but without the running cost.


This article is in our opinion and is based on our observations of GU10 LEDs and LED Downlights currently being sold in the marketplace.