5 LED Module (12vdc) - Rectangle UV Blacklight

Product Description

This compact module is housed in an attractive chrome case.

5 LEDs are fitted with the module, 3 LED faces straight ahead and an LED at each end face at an angle of 45 degrees.

Ideal for Lighting:

  • Stairs & Steps
  • Alcoves / Ornaments
  • Plinths / Kickboards
  • Safety Warning Light

All in chrome cases unless otherwise shown in the select colour box.

We also stock a 3 LED Version, see related items below.


Product Code: 5LEDMC



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  Power Supplies Price  
2A Switchmode Plug-top 12vdc Power Supply, Free DC Connector (5 Amp) £8.00

2A Switchmode In-Line 12vdc Power Supply, Free DC Connector (5 Amp) £14.00