Mood Lighting (Colour Changing)

Our LED Mood Lights are ideal for creating ambient and relaxing lighting effects.

Our systems are Designed and Manufactured in the U.K to very high standards.

Unlike many of the amateur 7 Colour Systems available our systems employ Digital Technology giving them a tremendous range of control and the ability to display millions of colours providing seamless colour sweeps at the speed and colour range you choose. Select from a vast choice of of whites, pastels, or vivid colours with the ability to freeze a colour indefinately.

Our systems can run just a few Meters to hundreds of Meters of Colour Changeable LED Tape or Strip and can be combined with our other Colour Changeable Light sources (shown below). By linking each of the Colour Flexi Drivers with a digital data and ground wire all of the LED lights are kept under the control of the ZEN Controller for synchronised colour changing and Zone control.

This makes our system ideally suited for use in the home & professional use in Hotels, Restaurants, Venues, Conference Rooms, Relaxation / Therapy Rooms and so on.

All of our Colour Changing Light sources can be controlled from a single controller.

We have a range of controllers available from a simple 2-Button Wired Remote (ZAP) to a Wireless Zone System (ZEN), and a DMX512 Bridge for control via DMX Protocol.

*If you have a requirement to run more than 23 Meters of RGB LED Tape (from a 12.5A PSU) you will need to use more than one Flexi Driver and Power Supply as shown in the diagram here

Below, a club fitted with our 2 Million Colour LED Tape and Control system.