LED Flood Lights and Lighting

Most homes these days have some type of exterior light such as a Flood Light or Bulkhead Light. Flood Lights are usually fitted with a 250 watt to 500 watt halogen, whilst Bulkhead Lights do not really produce a useful light they still draw around 60 watts.

The latest technology has been employed in our LED Flood Lights.

Our Flood Lights draw at least 80% less power with a lifetime of around 35,000 hours. This means you can leave them running for 8 times longer and only use the same power as halogens, or if used for the same time you will reduce your power consumption and electricity bill by 80%.

Replacing bulbs will no longer be necessary, the lifetime of these LED Flood Lights is equal to at least 35 Halogen Tubes which at around £3 each would cost £105 to replace.

Advantages of LED Flood Lights over Halogens:

  • LED - Solid State no Glass lamps
  • No Damaging UV or Infra Red Radiation
  • No Heat Projected
  • Very low running costs
  • Long lifetime - No lamps to replace every several hundred hours.

All of our Flood Lights are backed by a 2 Year Warranty

The advancement in LED Technology over the last decade has been at a phenomenal pace, comparable to that in computer processors. Several years ago even the brightest LED would not have been bright enough to be comparable to a Halogen bulb. However LEDs are now brighter than ever and the high power versions can surpass halogens in terms of brightness whilst using a fraction of the power to run, which means much lower running costs. The lifetime of LEDs far exceeds that of Halogens making ongoing fitting of replacement bulbs a thing of the past.