LED Kitchen Lighting and Lights

A good Kitchen Lighting scheme can make a massive difference to any kitchen.

For a modern kitchen outfitted with light colours and stainless steel our standard white (6000k) recessed ceiling lights are usually the colour of choice, whilst warm white (3000-3500k) lights can be used for the traditional kitchen featuring a lot of wood and earthy colours.

To light your work surfaces or to give a floating appearance to your cabinets we highly recommend our LED Tape, it is very bright and easy to keep clean.

We now have a range of Aluminium Profiles which provide a beautiful finish in which to house our LED Light Strip. There are several options to choose from including a corner profile, surface mount, and even a recessed profile to fit into a routed channel under kitchen cupboards.

Kitchen Plinths can be accented with our range of Plinth Lights such as a single Colour Plinth Light to a Colour Changeable Plinth Light if you want the option of changing the colour when desired.

If you are on a budget or need something very compact you could use our Mini LED Screw Lights, they are tiny and produce a large amount of light for their size, they are available in packs of 10 and work out at just £1.40 each!

For lighting inside cabinets we recommend using our Slim 1 Watt Modules or our LED Strip Lights.