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LED Mood Lighting

Our products  are being used all around the world from terraced houses, to cruise ships, to limousines, restaurants, bars, schools,  footballers homes, hotels, and conference rooms.  We can assist you with any home or commercial lighting project.  You can draw upon our wealth of experience from past and current installations.  We could save you costly mistakes during the pre-installation process, and make sure you purchase the correct products. We will give honest advice even if it means it costs us a sale.

Mood Lighting doesn't have to cost a fortune, you can start with a couple of LED Plinth Lights and finish there, or expand by adding additional lights later on if you decide to.

Discuss your requirements with us and we will provide a solution.

LED Strip Lights

One of the easiest and most effective ways to illuminate your home is to use LED Strip Lighting, it is flexible, can be cut to size and is available in a variety of colours and even colour changing.

We can supply our branded Constant Current LED Light Strips made-to-measure for FREE, saving hundreds of pounds in installation time, click here for a FREE Quote.

Most LED Strip on the market is low grade and is a waste of time installing in the home because after as as little as six months of use the LEDs can dim or fail, meaning it will need to be replaced, costing time and money.

LED Strip can be made to poor standards with no identity to the Strip, so if it does fail it can be virtually impossible to prove who supplied it, or even the manufacturer of the Strip.  We stand by the quality of our RGB LED Strip, it is branded with clear identity markings on the circuit board, assuring high quality and warranty support.

Here at Litewave we have worked with LED Strip Lights since 2007 and in the last several years we have developed our own branded LED Strip employing Advanced Electronics on-board the Strip to protect the LEDs.  This is the correct way of powering LEDs for long term lifetime and reliability, and is why we have Installers, Electricians, and prestigious customers such as the BBC and Car Manufacurers purchasing from us.


We can assist with any lighting project you may have, from a small installation requiring just 1 Meter of Strip Lighting to over a 1000 Meters.

Our LED Strip with Samsung LEDs is bright enough to replace Fluorescent Tubes, and uses a fraction of the  energy. We have a range of Aluminium Profiles allowing you to be creative with the design incorporating it into walls, ceilings and even render.

Call us to discuss your requirements.