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Dotless LED Strip

Dotless LED strip is designed to create a seamless and continuous light output with virtually no trace of individual LEDs or Spots when viewed directly. This is achieved by using a high number of LEDs that are placed closely together on a thin strip of circuit board, also known as a PCB.

  • Strips can be cut, usually at 10cm intervals
  • Offcuts can be used elsewhere
  • Low energy consumption, around 10w per Metre

Thie smooth appearance of the light makes COB Strip the ideal choice for applciations where the Strip itself will be more visible.

Our Dotless COB Strip is available in four options: White, Warm White, RGB-Color Changing, and Animated Strip for unique moving lighting effects.

We have put together some COB Strip Kits below, including a dimmable Strip Kit.

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More Information

H2.What is Dotless Strip?

Dotless Strip has a high number of LEDs placed very closely together usually 300 or more per linear metres. This makes the LED Strip appear virtually dotess. The more LEDs more metre the less dotless the strip will appear to be be - with direct viewing.

The LEDs used in dotless strips are usually small surface-mounted diodes, also known as SMDs. These diodes are soldered onto the PCB and covered with a phosphor layer that diffuses the light, creating a smooth and even glow. By placing these SMDs very close together, sometimes as close as 1-2 millimeters apart, the light they emit overlaps, creating a seamless and continuous lighting effect.

The high density of LEDs on the PCB also helps to reduce any potential spotting or shadowing that might occur with traditional LED strips. This makes dotless LED strips ideal for applications where a smooth and even lighting effect is desired.

Overall, the design of a dotless LED strip is based on the principle of using a high number of closely placed LEDs to create a continuous and uniform light output, without any visible individual LED lights. The result is a beautiful and seamless lighting effect that's sure to enhance any space it's used in.