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LED Strip Lights

We stock a large range of LED Strips, in 12v and 24v types, single colour and colour changing, including Waterproof IP67 Strip for bathroom lighting and outdoor use.

Find out more about LED Strips, what they are and where they can be used

For long term use, we highly recommend our Litewave ® Professional LED Strip with On-board Constant Current drivers. It has superior colour rendering, consistent brightness along the lenght of Strip, and has a very long lifetime of 50,000+ hours. Our Litewave LED Strips are designed to avoid odd colour or dead patches developing, which can happen with lower quality strips in as little as a few months. Our Litewave Strips are backed by a 6 Year warranty - the longest in the UK.

Our customers are still using the LED Strips we supplied in 2010.

We stock 3 main types of LED Strip:

  • Standard LED Strip, this has a lifetime of around 25-40,000 hours. It is ideal for use where the Strip will be used only occasionally. Available in white, warm white, and colour changing, waterproof and non-waterproof
  • Professional LED Strip Lights, Our World class Litewave® Pro LED Strip is designed for long term architectural use. It is superior to other Strips in colour consistency, reliability, and lifetime. Engineered with additional protective components on the circuit board for a minimum useable brightness of 50,000+ hours. Our Professional LED Strip is the highest quality you will find, designed for domestic and commercial use. This Strip is highly advised when reliability is paramount. It has an 11 year proven track record. Available in Available in white, warm white, and colour changing, animated Pixel, waterproof and non-waterproof.
  • Dotless LED Strip Lights, For use when a direct line of light is needed without the need of a diffuser this should be the product of choice. This is available in Colour Changing, Animated Pixel, Edge Lit, in non-waterproof and waterproof types.

We offer a FREE soldering service where all of the LED Strips are supplied ready to install. Just telephone or email for a free quote, or complete our Quote Form

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More Information

What are LED Strips

An LED Strip is a flexible circuit board with LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes soldered onto the board. Light strip can be cut to fit any contour or shape. It can bring color and light to dark or dull architecture, making it a great addition to any room.

LED Strips use a safe, low voltage, of 12vdc or 24vdc, they are very energy efficient and draw just 3-22 watts per Meter, depending upon the colour of the LEDs and amount of LEDs on the strip. The low power consumption gives led strips a low working temperature, they don't get hot, making them suitable for installation in a wide range of locations. To provide a safe low voltage for the Strips, a Power Supply (also known as a Transformer, or LED Driver) is used. We have a range of power supplies, for customers that want to control the brightness of the strip lights we can offer our Mains Dimmable Transformers.

How to cut and solder LED Strips

LED Strips can be cut to the length required so they can fit snugly to the desired fitting location. Offcuts can have new wires soldered to them so they can be used elsewhere.

How to cut and solder LED Strips

Single or Colour Changing Strip Lights (16.7 Million colours!)

We stock single colour strips lights such as White and Warm White, and for customers that are easily bored we also stock colour changing strip which can display any visible colour from the light spectrum. Choose white, warm white, pastels, vivid colours or anywhere in between using our on-screen colour picker. An app is used for control, and can be downloaded for free. The app has colour intensity, and brightness sliders allowing you to easily set the precise colour of your choice. Whatever you select on screen is the colour that will be displayed. Gradual colour changing is also possible with a slider for speed control.

We are the UK's leading supplier of the highest quality LED Light Strips & LED Tape available.

In 2007 we began selling LED Strips and coined the name LED Tape, since that time we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience which we have used to vastly improve our own range of strip lights.

Most LED Strips are designed cheap, but not designed to last

The majority of LED Strip Lights only use basic Electronics (LEDs with Resistors), this is not designed for long term use. Even though Power Supplies only produce 12 volts dc, the electronics on most strip lights is not sufficient to ensure a long, trouble-free lifetime.

For long term installation in homes and buildings where it can be awkward, time consuming, and costly to replace the cheaper LED Strip is not advised.

Should you use unbranded LED Strip?

Every other electronic device in your home is branded, it is a matter of trust. Most LED Strips have no way of identifying where they were made, these tend to fail and are not a wise choice to install anywhere the Strip light takes several hours to install.

For customers that want the best in their home we offer Litewave® Professional LED Strip Constant Current LED Strip. It is engineered with on-board circuitry consisting of up to 130 additional components per meter, this ensures a long trouble-free lifetime.


There are 2 choices when it comes to LED Strip Lighting:

General Purpose LED Strip Lights, waterproof and non-waterproof

Standard LED Strip Lights with only Basic Electronics. It only has Resistors to protect the LEDs. Ideal for customers on a budget. Recommended for shorter term use. Lifetime is around 25,000 hours.

High Grade Professional LED Strip Lights, waterproof and non-waterproof

Professional LED Strip Lights. This is branded and has Constant Current Circuitry to protect the LEDs, it consists of an additional 60-130 Components per Metre that Standard LED Strip does not have. Highly advised when you want the Strip to continue to look bright and vibrant for at least 50,000 hours into the future.

Our Professional LED Strip is the highest quality you will find in the U.K, if not Europe, it has to be because we supply it to installers and for commercial use - where it can be time consuming and costly for an installer to go back after 6 months to swap out a poor product. We hear of this happening all to often from electricians and other customers. They come to us because they have been sold poor quality strip lights they found elsewhere.

We have a wide range of Professional LED Strip Lights. All types can be supplied to the length you need and wired ready to install. Corners are no problem, we can provide the strips pre-linked with soldered wires. Soldering the wires is more reliable than using clips to link strips. The connection on clips can be disturbed which can cause the lights to work intermittently . We can cater for a a single meter to thousands of meters of strip light installations, single coloured or colour changeable including warm white, and waterproof to IP67. We include a 3 Year Warranty covering use in commercial or domestic setting.

Where can LED Strip Lights used?

LED Strip can be used almost anywhere, in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, decking, patios, showers. The list is virtually endless. It is important to make sure you choose the correct type of LED Strip for the intended application.

Illuminating Alcoves.

We suggest making sure the source of the light cannot be seen for maximum effect, we can supply the strip made to fit any alcove size. We can offer single colour or colour changing. The single colour can be controlled from via app using smartphone or tablet. Our single colour strips can have brightness control from a wall dimmer.

Lighting around Swimming Pools and ponds

For swimming pools, and ponds we recommend installing our IP67 Professional Waterproof LED Strip, it is UV stable and has constant current circuitry for maximum lifetime. This is vital for use around pools where low quality is not an option. It is enough to fit the lighting once, the last thing anyone wants it to revisit the same job again.

Display case lighting

Display cases are highly likely to be illuminated for half of the day for shops, museums and other commercial premises. For homes it is possible they will be left switched on 24/7. Whatever the case, reliability is important. Many LED Strips can begin to fade after 1000 hours, that is just 6 weeks if left running all day, every day. This is the main reason we developed a range of long lasting strip lights. They have a very low light decay rate,of around 3-5% after 10,000 hours of continuous use.

Halo lighting underneath bars

For lighting underneath bars, the light needs to be fairly strong in order to be effective in providing that glow which is getting more commonplace and now often expected,especially in high end bars, restaurants and other establishments. Added to that is durability, the LEDs should not be easily accessible to members of the public, as it leaves them open to vandalism. We can offer a range of solutions to prevent this problem, one is by setting the strip light into one of our Aluminium Profiles, these profiles include clear or frosted covers. The covers prevent fingers from touching the LEDs or other components on the circuit board.

Around pelmets

Voltage drop can be a problem when lighting pelmets due to the distances involved. There is a wrong and right way of installing the strips. If wired incorrectly it can cause inconsistent brightness and colour along the length of the light strip, for longer runs if incorrect cable is used, and the strips are all joined together it can also create a potential fire hazard. We offer a made-to-measure service to avoid any potential hazards, along with a free wiring schematic. This will ensure that the lighting around your pelmets is world class and will look as good, if not better than those in high class hotels and other establishments

Lighting roof lanterns

We have over a decade of experience with lighting roof lanterns. We now offer a range of Roof Lantern lighting kits, in a variety of sizes. The super thin profile and narrow width of our strip lights make it ideal for a multitude of purposes where fluorescent or halogen lights would be too bulky and consume too much power.

Waterproof Strip

If the LED Strips are going to be used in an area with a high degree of moisture, damp, or even water such as to highlight your kitchen or bathroom, or even outdoors around patios and decking. We highly recommend using our Waterproof LED Strip.

For your convenience a 3M self-adhesive backing is pre-fitted to all of our LED strip lights and additional fitting clips are included where necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions about LED Strip and Tapes

If you are looking for outstanding quality, advice, and to buy a system that will last for years with no colour drops or fading then look no further!

Our LED Strip can be supplied tailor made ready to fit your home, corners are no problem, we can cater for a few meters to thousands of metres, single coloured or colour changeable.

We can save you a substantial amount of time and money on work that would otherwise need to be carried out by you or your installer.

All of our LED Strips and LED Tapes are backed by a 2 year Warranty, and our Constant Current Strip with a 3 Year Warranty.