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LED Van Lighting

Most vans leave the factory with poor lighting installed, light that is not bright enough to clearly see what you are doing.

Tradesmen rely on their vans, and most see the importance of quality tools that will last. Lighting for the inside of the van is just as important.

We have put together a range of very high quality LED Lighting for Vans which will provide a brightly illuminated area so you can see to work safely. Our products have built-in voltage & current regulation, so they can cope with the 14.4v which is present when the engine is running. Without this additional circuitry the lights can dim quickly and dead LEDs can result in patchy light.

Our LED Van Lights will be the same brightness from 10vdc through to 15vdc, they will not dim or flicker.

Being LED they produce high intensity lighting without a large power consumption which could flatten your van's battery.

Our Van Light Bars draw just ~10 Watts of power, and produce as much light as 100 Watts of Halogen!

5 Year Warranty

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More Information

There are important factors to consider when buying LED Lighting for your van:

  • Are the lights designed to cope with higher voltages than 12vdc?

When the engine of a van is running, a healthy charging system should produce 14.4vdc. Our LED Van Lights are designed to withstand up to 15vdc. They have on-board circuit protection to prevent the LEDs deteriorating or dying early.

  • Is the seller of the van lights in the U.K, and are they well established?

We are an Isle of Man registered company based in the U.K, and were established in 1999.

  • Can they be easily contacted if there is a problem or fault with the product?

We can be contacted by phone, email, or our website form.

If you require a bespoke lighting system for your van or fleet of vans, either inside or outside, please contact us.