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Proven LED Lighting for homes and commercial use

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Colour  any room of your home with light!  High quality LED Strip Lighting for lighting a cabinet or display case, Plinth lights in the kitchen, waterproof LED lights in the bathroom or shower niches, to a colour changing LED Mood Lighting System

Lighting the pelmets of your living room or chill-out space, with control by smartphone or tablet is easy.  Room size is no problem from a small box room to a conference room.  We have everything you need for a system that will last many years into the future.  


Niche Lighting, Pelmet and Cove Lighting - including waterproof lights for bathrooms

Our Professional LED Strip Lights have advanced electronics, they are proven to have a longer lifetime than most, if not all other LED Strips on the market!  Use just one controller to control all of the LED Lights throughout the room or house, even with separately controllable zones if you wish.

If you want to light pelmets, niches, coving or drop ceilings, we can make the Strip Lights ready for you to fit, saving you time & money.  Corners and room size are no problem.

Our LED Lighting systems are safe & reliable

We are not another company selling cheaply imported Chinese LEDs at HUGE markups, these can quickly fade, or fail (not all LEDs last 50,000 or 100,000 hours) causing hassle and inconvenience for customers.  We were established in 1999 and have seen the LED Lighting sector explode with advancements in brightness but unfortunately not reliability.  

Seeing the recent decline in the LED market to more cheaply made products, with little (if any) advancement in quality or reliability, we decided to develop our own products using the best LEDs with advanced circuit design.  You see, most LEDs only have the bare minimum of protection (usually just a resistor) to reduce the voltage to the LED.  This is the most basic principle taught in High School Electronics, it is not going to ensure a long life product used in an architectural setting.  It can be take several hours or several days to install an LED Lighting system such as LED Strips around pelmets or the perimeter of a room (depending upon the room size and complexity).  It begs the question then, why would anybody want to pay for a no-name cheap LED Strip Light product to be installed that can quickly fail, and need to be replaced after several months to a couple of years.

The picture below shows products supplied by one of our competitors.  This is just one small section of a very large installation,most of which is showing signs of failure due to using an inferior LED Strip.

LEDs can fail quickly on un-branded LED Strips

As consumers ourselves we know that our customers don't want to install inferior products that they have to replace after only a couple of months or a few years of use.  While a cheap LED bulb is easily replaced, products such as LED Strips can be much more time consuming and expensive to get removed and replaced.

Our Litewave® branded products such as our LED Strips, Plinth Lights, and Fibre Optics use advanced on-board Electronics to ensure that you are getting a high quality LED that will last many years into the future.  They are being used all around the world from inside and outside of homes, to on-board cruise ships, limousines, restaurants, bars, schools, hotels and conference rooms.

No lighting project is to large or small for us to assist with, from planning to completion.

From high quality LED Light Strips to Fibre Optic Star Ceilings, Vehicle Neons and LED Modules, we can provide everything you need.

Save time & money (Free Advice, Free Wiring Schematics, Free After-sales support)

We can assist you with any home or commercial lighting project. You can draw upon our wealth of experience from our past and current installations. We can save you costly mistakes during the pre-installation process, and make sure you purchase the correct LED products from the beginning. We will give you honest advice.


Lighting brands we stock: Our lights are compatible with the following brands and protocols:
  • Litewave®
  • Samsung LEDs
  • Blebox
  • Enttec
  • Epistar LEDs
  • Varilight
  • Crestron
  • Lutron
  • Rako
  • Varilight
  • LightWaveRF
  • DMX Protocol
  • Trailing & Leading Edge Dimming