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LED Strips and Mood Lighting Specialists

At Litewave we recognise the importance of supplying high quality lighting that will last for many years, if not decades.  Our LED products are designed to last for the long term, a necessity for lighting that is to be installed in homes and business premises.

We specialise in the latest generation of LED Strip Lights and Mood Lighting which offer high quality at affordable prices.  From Mini LED Lights for stair lighting, to strip lighting for recessed lighting and roof lanterns supplied pre-wired, and controllable from a single remote or smart device, we can supply the right product for you. 

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LED Strip Lights and Mood Lighting systems

LEDs may have a long potential lifetime, but this is only possible if they are correctly driven with high quality Electronics.  Most LED Products currently on the market have just 1 or 2 resistors to protect the LED from excess Voltage, this does not protect the LED from excess Current and will cause the brightness of the LED to decline or the LED to fail completely well before 50,000 hours, most can begin to fade after just 1000 hours (6 weeks).  While a cheap LED Bulb is easily replaced, products such as LED Strip Lights can be much more time consuming and costly to remove and replace if they fail, so they need to be good to begin with.  Our LED Strip Lights are designed to last 50,000 hours or more, are brighter, more vibrant, and energy efficient than most others in the U.K and Europe.  Mood Lighting at one time was a fixed colour, we stock systems that can display any colour you want out of 16.7 Million Colours including white, warm white, pastel colours and vivid colours.  Control can be from a remote or even Smartphone or Tablet.

Save time & money.  We provide Free Design, Free Wiring Schematics

We can assist you with any home or commercial lighting project. You can draw upon our wealth of experience from our past and current installations. We can save you costly mistakes during the pre-installation process, and make sure you purchase the correct LED products from the outset. We will give you free and honest advice.