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LED Lights and Colour Changing LED Specialists

LED Lights and electronics is our field of expertise with over 20 years of experience.
Over the years we have worked with electricians, project managers, and members of the public that want an LED Lighting system from a single light in their bathroom to a complete mood lighting system controllable from a smartphone or tablet.
Many of our products are being used all around the world from cruise ships to limousines, to restaurants and bars, to schools and terraced houses, to footballers homes and hotels.  By dealing with us you can draw upon our wealth of experience from past and current installations.  We're constantly working on developing better LED lighting systems.  We could save you costly mistakes and from buying products that are less than ideal.
Discuss your requirements with us and we will provide a solution.
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We stock an ever-expanding range of LED products including high quality LED Light Strips and LED Tape, LED Downlights and Mood Lighting all at reasonable prices.
LED Lights Strips have been one of our main products since we launched it for use primarily for kitchen plinth lighting in 2007, it is extremely versatile, lightweight and easy to use.  It can be installed virtually anywhere including bathrooms and kitchens.
We are probably the largest supplier of Light Strips and LED Tape in the UK and are renowned for high quality LED lighting that will work years after installation not a few weeks or months. We have tried and tested all types of LED Lights, Tapes and Strips available on the market, good and bad.  We have developed our own Constant Current RGB LED Strip Lighting which is designed to last longer than any other Strip on the market.   We take pride that we sell the best quality LED Strips in Europe.
Fibre Optic & Mood Lighting Systems
Our Fibre Optic Lighting products are ideal for creating Star Ceilings, Star Floors, and Star Stairs, in fact anywhere a small point of light is required. The Fibre Optics we sell are illuminated by 3 Watt LED Projector.  It is maintenance free, silent running, energy efficient and offers a very long lifetime.  Our first projector is still going strong after being in operation virtually non-stop since mid-2006, it costs just 20 pence per week to run in electricity and is brighter than a traditional 50 watt Halogen projector.
Another one of our best-selling LED light products, are our mood lighting systems can all be controlled from a single remote, or your Apple or Android phone or tablet if you want the ultimate level of control.  Our remote controls are manufactured in the UK and can be used to control the light on all of our colour-changing LED products.
We dispatch our products worldwide, so why not browse our range of high quality LED Light products and place an order today for a quick delivery.