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Litewave LED Lighting Specialists

We supply to the general public and trade

Welcome to Litewave ®, registered in 1999 we are specialists in high quality LED Lighting incuding LED Strip Lights, Mood Lights, and Fibre Optics.  We have our own unique product range with a proven track record. Our products offer great value with a high level of reliability.

The products we developed from 2006 onwards are still in use around the world, from cruise ships to limousines, bars, restaurants and hotels.   We could save you costly mistakes and from buying low class LED Lighting products that are less than ideal.

We can work with you from the initial design stage to the completion of your project.  Wiring diagrams and schematics can be supplied with our products making installation fast and easy.

High Quality LED Strips

If you are on a budget we stock the cheaper standard LED Strips, for use in the home where a long lifetime is necessary the electronics needs to be more precise.  In order to provide a long useable life the LEDs must have more than a resistor (as on cheaper strip).  For long use in the home and other archtectural settings we highly recommend using our Professional LED Strip include up to 130 additional components consisting of triodes per Metre to ensure they will last a long time into the future. 

LED Mood Lighting

Our Colour Changing LED systems can be used to create stunning effects inside or outside the home, and business premises.  There are various ways of creating ambient or mood lighting effects, from LED Spotlights, to smaller Plinth Lights, Strip Lights, Modules or Fibre Optics to create star-like effects.

Star Ceilings

If you want a lot of small lights without cumbersome wires Fibre Optic Lighting may be the solution.  Optical Fibres are thin strands of plastic (or glass) which are designed to transmit light from one end of the fibre to the other by internal refraction, due to carrying no electricity only light the fibres are ideal for creating star orpin point light effects in ceilings, floors, walls and even outdoors in decking or paving slabs.  Only the projector needs to be waterproof, this projects the light down the fibres, the fibres can go around corners and can even be trimmed to the length required.

LED Plinth Lights

We have developed a range of lights for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and even in decking, our LED Plinth Lights are available in a variety of sizes.  Our smallest LED Light is just 20mm in diameter and is manufacturerd from high grade Stainless Steel for use indoors or outdoors, we stock them in single colour or colour changeable.

Discuss your requirements with us and we will provide a solution, feel free to call us on the phone number shown at the top of the website.


Most LED Lighting products available on auction sites and even by the majority of legitimate websites are the same Chinese Lights and controllers, some are O.K, but many are not worth installing in your home, or business premises.  The reason for this is due to the simple design, most have only basic electronics, just an LED and a Resistor, this is a common practice with LED Strips and results in early dimming and patches developing along the lenght of the strip, where the LEDs have failed due to unregulated current and voltage.  This is now outdated, it would be like a phone shop selling you a phone that was manufactured 10 years ago!  If you want a product designed to last you need to call us.

Our Professional Constant Current LED Strip Lights have advanced Electronics with Transistors as well as resistors, providing reliability and a true lifetime of 50,000+ hours, out-lasting other LED Strips.
We cater for all budgets but we primarily focus on high quality, the LED Strip Lights we sell are amongst the highest quality in the world, yes they are more expensive but they will last many times longer than the strip lights found elsewhere.
Have a room you want to light around the perimeter?  We can help.   Call or email us with the measurements and we can supply our branded LED Strips made-to-measure.
All of our products are stocked here in the U.K and ready to buy direct from our website or order via the phone.  A bespoke service is available if you have specific lighting requirements such as LED Strip Lights made to fit perimeter of a room or a shop display.  Our products areeasily controlled all from a single Remote or Touch Screen device such as Tablet or Smartphone.