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Home LED Lights, LED Lighting Strips & LED Light Systems

From a single colour home LED light to a complete colour changing strip system controlled by smartphone or tablet.

Our professional Constant Current LED Strip Lights are proven to have a longer lifetime than other home LED strips on the market.

If you want to light the pelmets around your lounge or drop-ceilings, we can make the strip ready for you to fit, saving you time & money.

What's special about Litewave

We have been working with LEDs since the early 90s.  We love what we do, and want our customers to love our products!

Our LED lighting systems are being used all around the world from homes, to cruise ships, to limousines, restaurants, bars, schools, hotel and conference rooms.

A lot of other companies, and Electricians use our products such as LED Strips and Mood Lights.  They don't want to install inferior products that they have to turn around and replace after only a couple of months or a few years.  This means we have had to consistently supply high quality products that will last many years, making improvements to products when necessary. 

There are many new suppliers who are jumping on the bandbagon selling inferior LED lighting products.

You can be assured that we are supplying you with high quality products, with second-to-none pre-sales and after-sales advice.

From quality LED lighting strip products to mood lighting, vehicle neons and Mini LED modules, we can provide everything you need.

Save time & money

We can assist you with any home or commercial lighting project. You can draw upon our wealth of experience from our past and current installations. We could save you costly mistakes during the pre-installation process, and make sure you purchase the correct products from the beginning. We will give honest advice, even should it mean it costs us a sale.