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Professional LED Strip Lights with 6 Year Warranty

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High-Quality LED Strip Lights - Delivered to Your Door

Whether you’re searching for LED strip lights for a ceiling or kitchen cabinets, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Litewave, we have LED lights for every imaginable use. Transform any location with our COB LED Strip, virtually dot-free LED Strip Lights.  Adding a new look or changing the ambience of a room has never been easier!

If you need advice simply email us with a basic plan of what you would like, and we can do the rest, from provide a schematic to liase with your building or electrician to see the job through to completion.

Bespoke LED lighting kits and ongoing aftersales support — which is why we’ve been the home of LED strip lights in the UK since 2007.

The UK’s Full-Service LED Lighting Specialist

We can do everything, from creating an initial design concept to supplying pre-wired, made-to-measure LED light strips complete with controllers and the correct LED PSUs / Drivers.  Our knowledge can save you costly mistakes, yes crucial points most Electricians won't know about.

We also supply to the trade and advise Electricians on the correct way of installing our products.  We develop these products, we know what they can and cannot do, and safely.  Customers have told us Electricians have said something they want to achieve is not possible, when it is, if you know how.


Litewave® Pro LED Strip

Our proprietary LED lighting system is designed for architectural settings, as it’s equipped with a range of cutting-edge components that guarantee reliability and longevity.

This is the ideal choice if you need a permanent, high-quality lighting solution during a construction or renovation project. It’s capable of delivering 10,000 hours of lighting with just a 3% fade, with a lifetime of well beyond 50,000 hours, and that’s backed up by our 6-year warranty — currently the longest of its kind in the UK. 

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LED Mood Lighting

The lighting in a room can make a huge difference, unless you have experienced it, it is difficult to get across.  Tansformed that boring room Mood Lighting.  Rather than being stuck with a single colour such as white or warm white, our LED systems use RGB and RGBW, these primary colours are mixed at varying levels to create millions of possible colour variations.  Colour selection is via an App using an On-screen colour picker.  They can be used in conjunction with a standard Light switch.

You can mix and match our Strip Lights, with Spot Lights, Modules, and even our 60w RGB Submersible Marine Light

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Star Light Kits

 from £106 inc VAT (3 Year Warranty)

Are you one of life’s stargazers? If so, you can bring the beauty of a clean night sky into your home with our Star Light Fibre Optic Kits. Featuring safe plastic fibres light is transmitted to all of the Fibres from a single LED Light source. This makes them a much more flexible and adaptable option than traditional LED lights.

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Dotless LED Lighting

Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, our dotless LED lighting kits provide a neat and seamless lighting solution that’s as easy to install as it is effective. We create the best possible finish by utilising aluminium channels — included in the package together with a 6-year warranty.

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Colour-Changing LED Strip Lights

Purple captured the mood on Thursday night, but Saturday night needs something more energetic. That’s not a problem when you have our colour-changing LED strip lights in your home. Featuring 630 LEDs per metre, our dotless RGB LED strip lights can be controlled via leading AI's such as Alexa and Siri.   We also have Animated Strip

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Litewave branded LED Lighting products have been engineered for reliability with a 6 Year Warranty.  Whether you are in need of LED Strip lights for inside or outside your home or premises, we’ve got the perfect option for your needs.  Supplying LEDs since 2002.  LED Strip Lights and Fibre Optic Star Lighting Kits.  All of our prices include VAT.