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LED Lighting Specialists

We have developed our own range of high quality LED Plinth Lights and Professional LED Strip Lights. They will last many times longer than the cheap Chinese alternatives found elsewhere.  It would be crazy to buy cheap paint for your home or business, why risk it with cheap lights bought from websites that only know how to sell a product but are not aware of the electronics?
Have a room you want to light around the perimeter, we can help.   Call or email us with the measurements and we can supply our branded LED Strips made-to-measure.
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Colour changing lights including LED Strip Lights are our specialty with over 20 years of experience in Electronics.
Over the years we have worked with electricians, project managers, and members of the public that want an LED Lighting system from a single light in their bathroom to a complete mood lighting system controllable from a smartphone or tablet.
Many of our products are being used all around the world from cruise ships to limousines, to restaurants and bars, to schools and terraced houses, to footballers homes and hotels.  By dealing with us you can draw upon our wealth of experience from past and current installations.  We're constantly working on developing better LED lighting systems.  We could save you costly mistakes and from buying products that are less than ideal.
Discuss your requirements with us and we will provide a solution.