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Ambient lighting installed in a restaurant

The owner of a restaurant had new drop ceiling panels installed, he wanted to create an ambient lighting effect around the panel with the option of being able to change the colour or set it to a gradual colour change.  We catered for all his requirements by supplying our voltage and current regulated Strip Lighting designed for professional use, it is branded and has many more components on the strip that are not on cheaper strips, these prevent excess current and voltage to ensure a very long lifetime.  This was developed by us for use in architectural settings where usual LED Strips would not be acceptable.

Control is via Infra-Red Remote using a British designed system that can light up to 4 zones in synchronisation or sequenced colour changing from zone to zone.

The majority of LED Strips come in at 5 Metres with a Remote Control, they are insufficient for these kind of installations for two main  reasons:

  • The panels are much longer than 5 Metres, many are 18 Metres long.  Using the 5M Kits would involve using 4 remote controls and 4 transformers, it would be a clumsy system.  We address this by using our Amplifier system with just 2 Transformers to power multiple lengths of LED Strips from a single remote control.  Phone or tablet control is also possible.  We use a system that has optical and galvanic isolation for safety, we avoid the Chinese systems due to reliability and safety concerns.
  • Most LED Strips on the market have inferior LEDs with minimal votage limiting resistors, they are toy-like with this amateur electronic protection.  While this may be O.K for people that want to quickly install the Strips around an easily accessible location.  It is not good enough when the Strips are being installed in an inconvenient area.  Replacing the strips after just a couple of years of use is not an option so our Professional LED Strip is the only choice.

Ambient Lighting for Restaurant

If you have a restaurant or other commercial premises and want to create a similar effect, by all means get in touch with us. We can make sure you are supplied with a safe, reliable system that will last for many years if not decades into the future.