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Backlighting a Mirror with LED Strip Lights - Halo Glow

Porthole MirrorOne of the most popular uses for LED Strip Lights is for backlighting - to create a halo light effect around an object.  Lighting around mirrors is a very popular choice and relatively easy to do.  We can supply the LED Strips made-to-measure, it is best if the Strip is slightly longer so it can be trimmed, with wires ready to connect to the correct Power Supply Unit (low voltage Transformer/LED Driver). 

Porthole Mirror

The customer wanted a Porthole Mirror for the front Porch, to compliment a nautical background.

We had already installed Optical Fibres around the porcelain Floor tiles, that guide will be on here soon.





The length of Strip required to light the mirror

The Mirror measures 37cm in diameter.  Using Pi (3.14) we can calculate the length of Strip required.  To do this we multiple the Diameter of 37 by 3.14.  This gives us a Circumference (or perimeter)  of 116cm.  Our Litewave Pro Edge Lit Strip has cutting points at 5cm intervals so we cut the Edge Lit LED Strip at the closest cutting point of 1.15cm. 1cm will have very no noticeable effect on the light with the distance we will be setting the mirror from the wall.

Creatinig a Stand-off - distance required to get an unbroken light from the LEDs

There are 60 LEDs per Metre on this Strip, a distance of 25mm between the Strip and the Wall will give an unbroken light or seamless light, maing it appear as a solid glow behind the mirror.  We chose 30mm to allow extra merging of light between the LEDs.  To create a space of 30mm between the LEDs and the wall we need stand-offs - a means of mechanically holding the mirror away from the wall.

This space will also be enough to allow for a small LED PSU to power the Strips, or if we put the PSU further down the connection away from the mirror, it allows space for the electrical connectors.  Future access is easy by opening the hatch.

To create the space we need to make Stand-offs.  We cut some 25mm Electrical Conduit, readily available for just a few pounds for a 3M length.  We set the chop saw to cut the Conduit into 30mm long lengths.

For fixing the Stand-offs in place an Instant Grab Polyeurethane Adhesive such as Sikaflex 512, or CT1 can be used.  For speed and for the purpose of this guide we have used Hot Melt Glue.

Convenienty there are 6 equal mmarking lugs so that is the point at which we will fit the Stand-offs in place

Back of Mirror to be backlit with LED Strip Applying LED Strip Lights to back of Mirror
Edge lit LED Strip around back of mirror Stand-offs cut to size
Stand-offs next to mirror Stand-off fixed onto back of mirror
Mirror fitted with Stand-offs Mirror fitted into place
LED Strip Backlit Mirror Mirror with LED Strips creating Halo Lighting effect
LED Strip Backlit Mirror with Halo