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Dimming LEDs

Fri, 09 Dec 2022

Single 12vdc or 24vdc LEDs such as our Single Colour LED Strips, or 3w Spotlights can be dimmed using 2 different methods.*

Dimming on the low voltage side to the LEDs

With this method there is no minimum load requirement.  It involves placing a dimming controller between the low voltage output of the LED Driver (other terms can be Power Supply, PSU, or Transformer).

Some of the more recent dimming controls are now App based, this offers the advantage of being able to control from anywhere, and there is no remote control to lose.  Our 'LightboxS' is also compatible with Alexa / Google Assistant providing even greater control.

The picture below shows our 3w Spotlights mounted in Soffits to light the perimeter of a building.  The App only needs to be opened when the brightness is to be changed, othewise the LightboxS automatically resumes the last setting upon being switched on from a standard wall switch.

Dimming LED Spotlights using an APP, control is on the low voltage side between the driver output and the input to the LED

Dimming on the high voltage AC side to the LED Driver

This method uses a traditional wall controller fitted with an LED compatible dimmer, such as a Varilight V-Pro module between the mains 240vAC on the lighting circuit and the Mains input to the Dimmable LED Driver.  In our tests, out of 4 brands, we've found the Varilight Module gives the smoothest control, there is no flicker, and usually gives a 5-100% dimming range - depending on the quality of the Dimmable (Triac) Driver and the total load placed upon it.

The type of Strip and total length/s being powered will dictate the size of the Dimmable Driver required.  We supply our customers with the correctly calculated Drivers for the type of Strip being powered.

Dimming control between the Mains and the AC input to the LED Driver

Multiple lengths of LED Strips or Spotlights can be controlled by following the diagram below

Dimming Multiple LED Strips using a Dimmer on the AC input side to the LED Driver



*PLEASE NOTE: These methods are not compatible with non-dimmable LED Products, and may not be compatible with LED Products that include a specific LED Driver - you would not be able to dim from the low voltage output side.  Products that have a specific Driver that are Mains Dimmable can be dimmed using the first method with a dimmer on the AC input side to the Driver.