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Fibre Optics - Enhance any room indoors or outdoors

Thu, 14 Mar 2019

You may be thinking of ways you can enhance the look, appeal and effect of your home or workplace. One thing you may not have considered is the visually stunning and eco-friendly benefits of installing fibre optics to help create a new and exciting look.

Here at Litewave, we are experts in providing LED lighting and applying it to a range of domestic and commercial uses. With 20 years experience, we are proud to be the first choice when it comes to the implementation and design of LED lighting to accommodate for a whole variety of functions.

The New Way To Illuminate

Everything from LED Screw Lights, to LED Downlights, to Colour Changing LED Lighting Systems, we have the experience and knowledge to help you find the required products to create the effect you desire.

A Wall illuminated with Mini LED Screw LightsA single Mini LED Srcew Light

More than just a supplier, we engage our services to ensure that you receive a bespoke service that is tailored to your needs. LED lighting has an extensive range of uses in a variety of locations that you may not be aware of. Let us transform your lighting in ways you could not have imagined.

Optical Enhancement

One of the most visually enticing and mood-enhancing ways to do so is by the installation of Fibre Optics. These glass or plastic strands conduct light and, as it is shone down one end, the light is refracted within the fibre optic strand allowing the light to travel along the fibre to the end.

Fibre Optics installed in a bathroom, this customer used our Warm White Kit Fibre Optic Star Ceiling above a bath

Flexible and durable, fibre optics can be used inside and outdoors and are remarkably inexpensive, maintenance free and easy to install. Whether you’re looking to illuminate your staircase, showcase your decking or are looking for an inexpensive alternative to conventional lighting, we will be able to light the way.

Switch to LED lighting and reap the financial and aesthetic benefits with the help of Litewave.