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Warm White Mini LED Screw Lights

Tue, 08 Aug 2023

Warm White Mini LED Screw Lights - back in stock

A new addition to our range of Mini LED Screw Lights will be available in the next few weeks.  We now have 8 different colours to choose from: Warm White, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Purple.

Warm White Mini LED Screw LightsWarm White Mini LED Screw Lights

The Warm White completes the colour choice.  Warm White is ideal for areas where you want the light to fit in with certain decors.  Decors featuring natural earthy colours or wooden finishes are not so well suited to pure white colours like that of our White Mini LED Screw Lights.  Warm or Cream white is more in keeping with these types of finishes.

The picture below shows the difference between White and Warm White.

White and Warm White Mini LED Screw Lights

The white Screw Lights tends to match better with modern white glossy finishes rather than the more traditional wooden finishes which are better suited to the warm white colour.  The warm white works well with most colours and finishes.

Can be powered on a lighting circuit using our tiny 6w 0.5A LED Driver

6w 12vdc LED Driver

The Warm White LED Screw Lights have a soft appearance to them, making them ideal for use in homes, restaurants and even old pubs or bars where a modern touch is required without looking too clinical.

The LED is housed in a Nicekl bezel with a thread and a nut, this makes them rustproof and ideal for use inside or outside.  Where fitment into thicker materials such as plinths the nut is not really required.  A hole can be drilled and the lights fitted and secured in place by applying adhesive around the thread prior to fitting in the hole.

Priced at just £17 for a set of 10.  Automatic discounts are applied by the shopping cart for higher quantities.