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How to illuminate Glass Balustrades and Shelves

Wed, 13 Mar 2019

Lighting glass or acrylic can produce vibrant eye-catching effects. In the evenings the right lighting can add a whole new dimension to your glass balustrades, if done properly it can transform them with an almost magical glow, perfect for enjoying relaxing evenings with friends.

Our latest product is an Edge light Aluminium Channel which makes it easy to edge light glass or acrylic.

Acrylic Panel edge lit using Aluminium Channel and Colour Changeable LED Strip

This Profile is designed to hold LEDs next to glass or acrylic. The light from the LEDs is projected into the glass or acrylic and illuminates the edges.  If the glass or acrylic is frosted on it's surface it will also illuminate.  This is how most LED Panels work, an LGP (Light Guide Plate) is used with LED Strips around the perimeter to illuminate the plate.

The Aluminium is designed to accomodate the LED Strip at the bottom of the channel, the Glass or Acrylic (ideally 8mm wide) clips into the Aluminium and fits against the stop guide moulded into the Aluminium, this also prevents the LEDs from being crushed.  It is available in lengths of 1 Metre or 2 Metres.  We can supply strip to run continuously along 6 Metres (3 x 2M) Aluminium Channels.

Professional Colour Changeable LED Strip set into Glass Profile

We highly recommend using our Professional LED Strip in this channel, it is designed for a long lifetime by using built in Constant Current drive circuitry.  The other strips on the market can fail in a few years which means removal and replacement.  It is best to do the job once and do it right the first time, short cuts and trying to save a few pounds on LED Strips can be more costly in the long term.

There are a couple of Strips which can be used, either a single colour such as a Regulated Current and Voltage Strip, it is the most economical in terms of power per metre, just 3.6 watts.  If you want the light even brighter you could use our Samsung LED Strip, it consumes just 8.2 watts per Metre but produces light equivalent to a 40 Watt Fluorescent Tube.

For those that want it we can also supply our colour changeable Strip, the colour can be fixed on any colour of the spectrum including whites, warm whites, pastels and vivid colours.  There is full control over brightness and speed of colour change if you select the colour change mode.  It can be controlled by Remote control using our ZEN or control by Phone or Tablet by using our Lightbox Colour Controller.