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LED Sign Lighting

Most Sign companies are good at making signs but they are not LED Specialist.

Most LEDs currently on the market will not last long used in a sign running every day, the light levels will dim after only several years of use.

Our Constant Current Strip and Modules are designed to light brightly and will out shine all standard LED Modules.

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Why settle for a single colour illuminated sign? Our controllers facilitate upto 16.7 Million different colours, choose from any one of them or a gradual colour change at the touch of a button.

Control can be as simple as an automatic colour phase by simply switching on the power, Infra-Red remote control, or even Touch Screen control from a smartphone or tablet. Where required your LED Signs can be networked wirelessly and controlled via app or over the internet using an IP address.

There's no need to worry about somebody else controlling your colours, without your permission, you can password protect the controller!