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Room Perimeter Pelmet and Coving Lighting system - Colour Changeable

Product Code: R-PMLK-Pro

£126.00 inc VAT (£105.00 ex VAT)

Stock Level: In-Stock

Select Controller
Length x Width of Room

Room size in Metres & Price with Bluetooth Controller. The Wi-Fi Controller adds £16 to the price automatically.

2M x 2M (8M Total Perimeter) £201.67
2M x 2.5M (9M Total Perimeter) £216.50
2.5M x 2.5M (10M Total Perimeter) £231.33
2.5M x 3M (11M Total Perimeter) £255.17
2.5M x 3.5M (12M Total Perimeter) £271.00
2.5M x 4M (13M Total Perimeter) £285.83
3M x 3M (12M Total Perimeter) £255.17
3M x 3.5M (13M Total Perimeter) £285.83
3M x 4M (14M Total Perimeter) £299.67
3.5M x 3.5M (14M Total Perimeter) £299.67
3.5M x 4M (15M Total Perimeter) £334.50
3.5M x 4.5M (16M Total Perimeter) £348.33
3.5M x 5M (17M Total Perimeter) £360.17
4M x 4M (16M Total Perimeter) £348.33
4M x 4.5M (17M Total Perimeter) £360.17
4M x 5.5M (19M Total Perimeter) £428.33
4M x 6M (20M Total Perimeter) £455.17
4.5M x 4.5M (18M Total Perimeter) £413.50
4.5M x 5M (19M Total Perimeter) £443.17
4.5M x 5.5M (19M Total Perimeter) £443.17
4.5M x 6M (21M Total Perimeter) £470.00
5M x 5.5M (20M Total Perimeter) £455.17
5M x 5M (20M Total Perimeter) £455.17
5.5M x 5.5M (22M Total Perimeter) £484.83
5.5M x 6M (23M Total Perimeter) £499.67
6M x 6M (24M Total Perimeter) £514.50

Not seen your Room size? No problem simply call us on the phone number at the top of the website and we can quote for a bespoke size.


Product Description

Create a beautiful wash of coloured or white light around the pelmet or coving of any room.

By using our tailor made Perimeter Pelmet and Coving lighting system, even the dullest of rooms will be transformed, you will in effect be painting the walls with light.

Where required the kits can also be fitted to shine outwards or down the wall. The lights are designed to fit onto coving, pelmets, cornices etc. If you don't already have the coving or a suitable surface on which to mount our lights we can supply it (at extra cost) for you in a streamline Aluminium Profile with a polycarbonate dust cover. It will be pre-primed ready to paint - see in the suggested items at the bottom of this page.

This system is full colour and allows you to choose any visible colour from a pallet on your phone or tablet. Display any visible colour from the spectrum including any shade of white, warm white, and vivid colours.

  • Full Colour including White & Warm White
  • On-screen slider for intensity and brightness control.
  • Automatic colour cycle with speed control for a smooth colour change.

Unlike the majority of the LED Lights on the market this is designed and manufactured to a very high spec using the best components and on-board Constant Current Drive Circuitry. Without this protective circuitry and the components used within it the LEDs can develop patchy colours. This is a proven design and we guarantee the quality, the circuit boards bear our registered trademark.

  • The Controller is designed and manufactured in Europe, and backed with a 5 year warranty.
  • Just one controller to control the entire system.
  • Automatic memory, so it resumes the last setting when swtiched on at the wall, or even from a motion sensor.

We have tried to cater for the majority of rooms sizes. If you room size is not shown please call us. If you room size equals the total perimeter size the price will be the same, but you will to call us after you place your order to provide the dimensions of your room.

Select your room size to the nearest half metre

For example: if you have a room size of 2.3 × 2.8M you can select the 2.5M x 3M Kit. The excess can simply be trimmed down, and the off-cuts can even be re-used eleswhere.

The system is ready to install with all of the main wiring performed by us saving you or your electrician time (& money). We will include a full wiring schematic and instructions making installation quick and easy.

We can supply this lighting system to fit any room size from a small box room to a banquet hall. For rooms over 16 Metres in total perimeter we use an additional Amplifier on a separate Transformer (Power Supply) made in Europe. This keeps the system running at a safe level of current.

Our systems meet all safety requirements and go above and beyond reliability and lifetime.

LED Profile - Fitting guide

Product Specification

Wiring TypeSocket or Light Switch
LED TypeSMD Triple Chip
DriveOn-Board Constant Current Drive
Brightness per Metre350Lm (when displaying White)
Current per Meter650-700ma
Power Draw per Meter~8.4 Watts
Mounting Width required10-25mm
Lifetime>50,000 hours
CertificationsCE, RoHS
IP RatingNone (Waterproof available to order)
Warranty3 Years

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