LED Home Lighting

We have put our wide range of LED Products into this LED Home Lighting Section to help you find the product you are looking for.

LEDs produce a clean light with no Ultra Violet which can be damaging to paints, fabrics, and plastics. LEDs provide a long lifetime and use very little power.

Our LED home lighting products are energy efficient and while enhancing the appearance of your home will not significantly raise your electricity bill, some of our LED products such as the 10w downlights can reduce your lighting bill by up to 80%.

Below is a selection of our products ideally suited for lighting your home.

Many products can be used for the same purpose, for example you can illuminate kitchen work surfaces with LED Tape or LED Modules, the product you choose depends on the look or brightness you want to achieve.

Whether you want to put discrete lights in your decking, illuminate alcoves, or replace your Halogen Lamps with high quality LED Downlights, we should have a suitable product that meets your requirements.