Fibre Optic Projector

Product Description

Create Star Ceilings, Light up your Staircase, or outdoor decking!

See our fitting guide for installing the Fibre Optics into a staircase

Fibre Optics have traditionally been illuminated by halogen lamps with motorized colour wheels providing around 7 fixed colours. The halogen lamps used in standard Fibre Optic Projectors get very hot and require cooling fans. They also burn out rather quickly and need frequent changing, our system is designed to last and is maintenance free.

Ideal for use in Bathrooms, Therapy Rooms, Spas & Saunas.

It costs under £10 a year in electricity to run our system for 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

The "CoolFusion" projector has revolutionised Fibre Optic Lighting. By using powerful Multi Chip LEDs, a different sort of compact projector has been made possible. As the name suggests the CoolFusion stays relatively cool, is totally silent and can reproduce the full visible spectrum from over two million colours.

Designed & Manufactured in the U.K

Ideal For:

  • Decking and Garden Lighting
  • Bathrooms & Wet Rooms
  • Ceilings, Walls and Floors
  • Stairs and Steps
  • Bars and Clubs
  • Limousine Ceilings & Bars
  • Film and Studio Effects
  • ICE Installations

We have tested the CoolFusion side by side with a 50w Halogen Based projector and the light output for the CoolFusion projector is more intense. The CoolFusion Projector uses less than 1/7th of the power of a 50w halogen based projector!

With the saving in electricity and cost of replacement bulbs the CoolFusion could pay for itself in just over 3 years! This comparison is assuming continuous use compared with a 50w halogen based projector, with electricity costing 14 pence per Kilowatt Hour.

If you already have an existing Fibre Optic System you can replace your standard Projector with our CoolFusion Projector, just remove your existing light box and add the CoolFusion in it's place and your Fibre Optics will be brought into the 21st Century!

Comparing our CoolFusion to the traditional Fibre Optic Projector is like comparing an MP3 Player to a Gramophone.

The CoolFusion projector offers the following advantages over the traditional projector:

  • Energy efficient - uses 86% less energy!
  • No mechanical Colour Wheel
  • No Motor or moving parts
  • No Fans - cool & silent operation
  • No lamps to blow
  • No Maintenance
  • Clean Light - No UV radiation
  • 2.1 Million Colours
  • Long Lifetime ~50,000 hours
  • Very Compact
  • Full Colour Choice / Speed Control
  • Sound Responsive
  • Remote Controllable
  • Networkable with our other Colour Changing Products
  • DMX Capable with an additional bridge

CoolFusion can seemlessly sweep through the entire colour range with the subtle hues and shades between each of the primary colours.
There are literally hundreds of variations for each colour. You want pink no problem, just decide which particular shade that you want, and lock it on that colour - the same goes for any other colour!

CoolFusion can be used alone with it's built-in program or to make things really interesting use it with a ZAP+, or ZEN Controller to give you full sound to light response and complete control over colour palettes and sweeps.

Below we have put together a range of kits from a 2 Meter Harness with 80 Lights to 6 Meters with 80 Lights. If the Projector is placed at the center of the lights it will give a span double the length of the harness. For example a 2 Meter Harness will give a total span of 4 Meters.

The CoolFusion can be supplied on it's own or with a Harness, please use the drop down menu to select the Harness Length Required.

Designed & Manufactured in the U.K


A shade of Lime green
150 Fibre Optic Lights installed in decking, there is very little wiring required
A deep shade of pink
Looking down the laminated staircase
The Fibre Optics displaying light Blue
Fibre Optics fitted to a stair case displaying pink
The staircase in complete darkness with only the light from the fibres visible

Product Specification

Maximum current drain0.6 Amps
Typical drain0.3 Amps
Light Output6.7 Watts equivalent to a 50 watt Halogen
Voltage10 - 16 Volts DC
ProtectionsCurrent Regulated, Reverse polarity and over-voltage protection built-in
Data acceptedICELED ZAP+
DMX512 via the DMX Bridge
Colours2,097152. 7 Bit 128 Levels
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Optic Coupler Diameter27mm (up to 35mm available by request)
Dimensions of CoolFusion147mm (L) 82mm (W) 48mm (H)

Product Documents

The end of the fibre displaying a shade of pink Aqua is just one of the many colours the CoolFusion Projector can display Our Fibre Optics are ideal for lighting up decking, they are completely maintenance free. Our Outdoor Fibre Optic Projector is IP Rated no enclosures are required The CoolFusion with a Fibre Optic Harness and end fittings The Fibre Optic Harness simply pushes into the projector and the grub screw is tightened to keep it secured

Purchase Options

Option Price  
CoolFusion LED Fibre Optic Projector £195.00  
CoolFusion LED Projector with 2 Meter 80 Tail Fibre Optic Harness £253.00  
CoolFusion LED Projector with 2 Meter 150 Tail Fibre Optic Harness £286.00  
CoolFusion LED Projector with 4 Meter 80 Tail Fibre Optic Harness £289.00  
CoolFusion LED Projector with 4 Meter 150 Tail Fibre Optic Harness £355.00  
CoolFusion LED Projector with 6 Meter 80 Tail Fibre Optic Harness £327.00  

You will also need to select a Power Supply in the related items below. The Controllers are optional.


For more information about one of the products below simply click the name of the product.

  Colour Controller Price  
ICELED DMX512 Bridge £78.00

ICELED ZAP+ Digital Controller £38.00

ICELED ZEN (v7) Controller with Remote & Remote Eye/Display £78.00

  Power Supplies Price  
2A Switchmode Plug-top 12vdc Power Supply, Free DC Connector (5 Amp) £8.00

2A Switchmode In-Line 12vdc Power Supply, Free DC Connector (5 Amp) £14.00