RGB (12vdc) LED Module

Product Description

These RGB LED Modules can display any colour with the use of a Flexidriver or 7 colours if used without it.

They use the same LEDs as the RGB LED Tape, there compact size and linking wires makes them ideal to use in confined areas or where there are twists and turns that would need to many connections for other light sources such as RGB LED Tape.

RGB Modules use a 3 Colour RGB LED; Red, Green, and Blue. By mixing various levels of each colour up to 2.1 million colours and shades are possible!

Self-adhesive pads are pre-fitted on the back for quick installation, mounting lugs allow for screw fixing also.

Ideal for:

  • Lighting Cabinets
  • Illumination of glassware either behind or underneath
  • Shelf lighting
  • Contour lighting
  • Lighting architraves
  • Backlighting Plasma/LCDs TVs
  • Home Cinema lighting
  • Bar lighting
  • Plinth Lighting
  • Glass Blocks
  • Stair & Step Lighting

Safe low voltage (12vdc), and Splashproof

The LEDs produce a wide light dispersion (120 degrees) which gives a reflected glow similar to that of neon from nearby surfaces and objects. There are not dots or hotspots.

The wires between the Modules can be cut / joined to make the length required. You can use 1 Module or Multiple Modules. Simply cut the wire between the Modules and extend the wire as required (4-Core Cable is available to order below). Full instructions are included.

Ideally the RGB Modules should be controlled via the ICELED Flexidriver, it has a standalone mode which allows a gradually colour phasing, any colour can be locked by briefly switching the power off and back on within 1-2 seconds, to unlock simply repeat. Even more control is possible including sound activation by using the ZAP+ or ZEN Controller.

For simplicity we would recommend the ZAP+ Controller. Advanced setups such as zones will require a ZEN Controller. The RGB Modules can also be linked to any of our other Mood Lighting products.

Click here to see the wiring diagrams for the RGB Modules

TIP: To calculate how many Modules you need to light an area measure (in Meters) the total length you intend to light up, then use the divide the length by 168.

Formula: Length to Light in Meters / 168 = Number of Modules required.

For example: if you wanted to light a handrail measuring 2 Meters you would divide 2000 by 168, this would give 11.9, round up to 12. So you would need 12 RGB LED Modules.

Product Specification

Module Dimensions(L) 84mm (W) x 17mm (D) x 6.5mm
Wire length between Modules84mm
Total length for Chain of 20 Modules3.27m (10ft 11")
Connecting Wire4 Core Cable, Extendable
LED TypeTriple Chip RGB SMD
Max. Current per Module60ma (0.06A) (displaying white)
Max. Current for 20 Modules1080ma (1.1A) (displaying white)
Light Dispersion120°
Luminous Flux (lm) Chain 20 Modules360lm
Dominant Wavelength (nm)Red 615~635
Blue 460~475
IP RatingIP55
Operating Temp.-5 to 55°C
CertificationsCE, RoHS

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