Constant Current LED Strip

Litewave® set the benchmark for LED Strip Lighting, our Branded Constant Current LED Strip is the ultimate product for long term use (5+ years), which makes it the preferred choice for customers that want the very best product available. Why risk buying cheap no name strip that will need to be replaced after just a few years.

We can supply a system tailored to your exact requirements with every LED Strip made-to-measure, this could potentially save you hundreds of pounds, all at no extra charge! Free Quote

A lifetime of 50,000 hours and over can be expected with minimal loss in brightness. Standard LED Strip is being sold everywhere these days but we guarantee you unless it has the additional protective components on board the LEDs will dim and in the case of Colour Changeable Strip the colours can drop out, this can happen after only several thousand hours of use, sometimes within a few months. LED Drop-outs are caused by the fatigue due to inadequate voltage and current regulation.

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The dedicated on-board electronic driver circuitry with current and voltage regulation ensures that each LED receives the correct amount of voltage and current so that the LEDs do not over heat and each are illuminated to the same intensity.

The copper tracks are not flimsy like the cheap unreliable strips being sold all over the internet but are substantial 2oz tracks for less resistance and maximum current flow.

In addition to the regulated current and voltage the Diodes are of high quality from Manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, and Epistar. They are inspected at the factory for quality and colour consistency before enclosing, production, and finally testing.

All of this results in consistent brightness (especially for long lengths), reliability and the longest lifespan, a must for customers that want the best.

Without the current and voltage regulation to the LEDs the brightness can steadily decline before the maximum lifetime of the LED is achieved. Other Strips even European brands will not compare, tests carried out over the last several years have proved our Constant Current Strips will retain their light intensity when the others have declined.

The quality of the light is also second to none, all of our LED Strips have LEDs with a high CRI (Colour Render Index) the white is a pure white like your computer screen showing a blank document, the warm white is not a yellowish white but a soft sunny glow which will compliment any room decor.

The Outdoor / Waterproof version (LED Tape) is supplied in a flat Silicone jacket with Silicone injected around the front back and sides of the circuit board providing complete protection from water and moisture. It is Odourless, UV Resistant and Fire Retardent.

Constant Current LED Strip and Tape does not require any special drivers it can be powered from any good quality 10-15vdc power source such as 12vdc Switchmode Power Supply (Transformer) for use in the home from mains 240vAC, or from a 12v vehicle such as in Cars, Motorhomes, and Boats.

All of our LED Tape and LED Strips use branded "A" Rated LEDs meaning they are not substandard LEDs that have faults or issues that will cause problems in the future. Every length of our LED Strip has LEDs which are consistent in colour and brightness.