LED Tape and LED Strip Lights

If you are looking for outstanding quality, advice, and to buy a system that will last for yeas with no colour drops or fading then look no further.

Our LED Strip can be supplied tailor made ready to fit your home, corners are no problem, we can cater for a few meters to thousands of meters, single coloured or colour changeable.

We can save you a substantial amount of time and money on work that would otherwise need to be carried out by you or your installer.

So why risk buying from an auction site or other company with a sales person on the end of the line who knows nothing about the product they are selling?

We have been working with and selling LED Strip since 2006 and are probably the largest supplier of LED Strip Lights and LED Tape in the UK.

Our LED Strip is the highest quality you will find in the U.K, if not Europe, it has to be because we supply it to installers and for commercial use - where it can be time consuming and costly for an installer to go back after 6 months to swap out a poor product.

Both our Lights and LED Tape use high quality flexible printed circuit boards from trusted manufacturers with only recognised LED Brands such as Samsung and Epistar.

*All of our LED Strips and LED Tapes are backed by a 2 year Warranty, and our Constant Current Strip with a 3 Year Warranty.

LED Strips have LEDs on a Flexible Printed Circuit board, LED Tape is basically LED Strip with a protective coating over the LEDs.

Our Professional Grade LED Tape is fitted with Triple Emitter LED Chips and has a double Protective Coating which makes the product extremely durable and ideally suited for use in humid and wet environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.

LED Tape is one of the most streamline and versatile LED Light sources currently available. Put simply it is a Flexible Light Strip which can be cut at 100mm (2 or 4 inch) intervals depending on the Type of LED Strip. Offcuts can be reconnected and used elsewhere.

There are many manufacturers of LED Strip Lights and LED Tape but unfortunately the majority being sold on the internet and in shops is of poor quality, with low grade LEDs which will not last long.

Our LED Strips are of high quality which is why we have repeated orders from customers and businesses throughout the world. Don't settle for poor quality imitations!

LED Strips and LED Tape use a Safe low voltage of 12vdc, they are very energy efficient and draws just 3-7 watts of power per Meter depending upon the colour and amount of LEDs per Meter. The power consumption gives it a low working temperature, it does not get hot.

Our LED Tape is available in 6 Types;

Where can LED Strips and LED Tape be used?

LED Strip can be used almost anywhere, and you will be spoilt for choice when you are looking for a place to display your new LED Tape. Its super thin profile and narrow width make it ideal for a multitude of purposes where fluorescent or halogen lights would be too bulky and consume too much power.

For areas where there is a high degree of moisture, damp, or even water such as to highlight your kitchen or bathroom, we would recommend using our Waterproof LED Strip. It will add a striking finishing touch to your kitchen or light up your hallway and stairs.

For your convenience a 3M self-adhesive backing is pre-fitted to all of our LED strips and additional fitting clips are included where necessary.

LED Tape - Frequently Asked Questions

Place an order today for a quick delivery directly to your door - whether you are based in the UK or anywhere else worldwide.

Below, our LED Strip with 4 Zone Wireless Control fitted into a conference room. Our Strip and Tape can also be controlled by DMX either from a console or even iPad, iPhone, or Android Device with a DMX App.

The video below is of our LED Tape installed in a trendy bar / club back in 2007. We are now on 3rd and 4th Generation LED Light Strips.