Small 33mm Segment Constant Current 10-15vdc LED Strip

Product Description

This is our own advanced LED Strip, that will last longer than any Standard LED Strips.

*Small single Segment of 33mm, without wire.

Use the Snap Connector for fast and easy connection.*

Most LED Strips will peak at just 1000 hours, that's only 6 weeks of use before the brightness starts to decline. After 2-3 Years the brightness can decrease by 25-40%.

Our Strip will continue with minimal decay in brightness, with a true lifetime in excess of 50,000 hours.

Available in White (6000k) or Warm White (3500k).

The White produces a cool white near to that of a computer display, it is ideal for use where a clean modern look is desired.

Warm White closely matches that of Halogens and is in keeping with most home lighting for living rooms and areas of relaxation.

Regulated Current and Voltage LED Strip is compatible with our Aluminium Profiles allowing you to custom make your lighting fixture to your exact requirements.


Product Specification

LED TypeSMD Triple Chip
LED BrandEpistar
Current per Meter300mA
Power Draw per Meter3.6 Watts
Width of LED Strip10mm
Depth of LED Strip2.2mm
Lengths available1-10M
Brightness Lumens /M~450
Expected Lifetime>50,000 hours
LEDs per Meter30
Cutting Points32mm
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Warranty3 Years

Product Code: C/C-LEDSTRIP-33mm

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