24vdc Power Supplies

We have a range of stables 24vdc Power Supplies for powering our 24vdc LED Products such as our Constant Current LED Strip.

Important when installing ANY Power Supplies (PSUs):

The Power Supply used for the LED products should be of sufficient current, the LEDs will only draw the current they require from the Power Supply. Power Supplies should not be overloaded i.e the total load of the LEDs should not exceed the rating of the Power Supply.

Space should be left around the Power Supply to allow ventilation, this allows any heat from PSU to dissipate.

Power Supplies should not be hidden in a wall or ceiling space that will be covered with plasterboard or paneling, there should be sufficient ventilation and an access panel for replacement of the PSU.

Cable between the output of the Power Supplies and the input to the LEDs/LED Products should be sufficient to carry the total load on it.