Mains Dimmable Transformers

Mains Dimmable Transformers are designed to run our single colour 12vdc LED Products such as our LED Strip Lights, LED Modules, Plinth Lights etc.

It is important that a compatible wall Dimmer is used such as our Glass Touch Panels or our Varilight V-Pro Wall Dimmer Module.

There must be a minimum load of around 8 Watts for the dimmable transformer to work properly. Also the loading of the LEDs on the Transformer should be near to the maximum capacity of the Transformer for optimum dimming range. For example our Samsung High Power LED Strip draws 0.68A per Metre, if you needed to power 10 Metres of it, then the 7A Dimmable Transformer would be the most suitable Transformer out of the range, it would be running at approximately 97%.

Our other non-dimmable Transformers should ideally be ran at less than 90% of their capacity for a long lifetime.