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Flexible LED Tape installed in reception area

Tue, 15 Jan 2013

Lighting Commercial Premises using LED Tape


The reception area of the £5 Million Swimming Pool in Ramsey, Isle of Man. 

We ship our LED Tape worldwide.

When the LED Tape is switched on the area is transformed, it produces the look of neon light without the high voltage, glass, and unreliability.

Pictures show our older version with SMT LEDs, the latest version is around 50% brighter with the latest 3 Chip SMD LEDs.

Dimmers are available to control brightness.

LED Tape with lights switched on
LED Tape following ceiling cornice
LED Tape corner

Version 2 LED Tape fitted to contoured coving in the Reception of the Swimming Pool located in Ramsey on the Isle of Man.

An intense neon like wash is created from the single chip LEDs from Version 2 LED Tape, bright enough to be seen in ambient light.

From the picture below you can see how powerful the LED Tape is from theway it casts a diffused glow over the entire area with all the other lighting switched off. The total run of the LED Tape is 17 Meters and uses just 82 watts.

A single continuous length of LED Tape over 6 Meters is not recommended as the light produced would not be uniform. So the Tape has been used in 4 x 4m lengths, and 1 x 5 Meter length (joined), by placing it end to end a seemless look is created. Shorter runs of several segments also makes it easier to replace after the 30,000-50,000 hour lifetime has expired.

Only the LED Tape is lit illustrating it's brightness.

LED Tape only with no other lighting
This picture illustrates how bright the LED Tape is


If you have a lighting project we can help ensure it is a success and lasts for many years.