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The smallest Wi-Fi Colour Controller in the World?

Tue, 10 Oct 2017

Due to the successful first version of the WLightbox (or Wi-Fi Lightbox version 3) Colour Controller, the manufacturer have further improved the design with additional Terminals, making connection even easier.  There is also a status LED to show indicate power is present, this is ideal to ensure the power to the device is connected correctly during installation.

The WLightbox is probably the smallest Wi-Fi Colour Controller currently on the market.  Manufactured to high specifications in Poland, it offers a safe, reliable, and easy way of selecting colours for our LED Mood Lighting products such as our RGB Strip, RGB Spotlights, RGB Modules, and even our RGB Fibre Optics (Star Ceilings).

Use multiple Wi-FI Lightboxes, each for a different Zone, for example you can use a Wi-Fi Lightbox to control the LED Strips in the bathroom, and another for the LED Spotlights in the back garden. Each Lightbox can be labelled, then simply select which Lightbox you want to control in the App.

The same app can also control single colour lights, electric blinds, gates etc.  For more information on these other products please take a look at the Smart Controllers section ofour website.

Download the WBOX App and install the WLightbox, then simply tap on the colour you want the lights to display on your Smartphone or Tablet and the lights will display that colour.  There is also a colour intensity slider, brightness slider.  Further down the page of the App there are automatic Colour Changing Modes, with another two sliders for speed control.

Whichever setting you choose will be remembered by the WLightbox, the setting is automatically resumed when the WLightbox is switched on at the power, be that a normal wall light switch, or by a Motion sensor.