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Colour Changing LED Strip for Conference Rooms

Mon, 16 Sep 2013

Our ZEN and DMX Systems can run an extraordinary amount of RGB (Colour Changing) LED Strip or LED Tape.  This makes it particularly suitable for use in Venues, Hotels, and conference rooms.

LED Strip used in a Conference Room

Below is a video recently sent to us from one of our Electricians. You will notice each ceiling recess is showing a different colour, this is easy with our DMX or ZEN system as they have 4 independently controllable zones.

The ZEN allows control over the LED Strip by Remote Control, each of the Zones can be customised to display any colour out of a bank of 2,097,152 different colours, the colour can be striking vivid colours or more subtle pastel or off-white colours, pure white is also possible.  The colours can be set on static or on a gradually changing colour, the speed of colour change can even be slowed down to a snails pace or sped up to rapid change or anywhere in between.

The Music mode puts the system in to sound response where the LED Strip or Tape will change colour to the beat.  There is a built in microphone to sense sounds and audio but for a more accurate sound response at lower volume we would recommend using the sound input socket which can be connected directly to the output of a hi-fi, pa system or other audio source.

For installations where you want to control our LED Strip or Tape colours from a DMX Console we recommend using our DMX 512 Bridge as it allows full control of these.  You can also control the colours using on screen colour selection with an IPad, Iphone, or Android Device.  To do this an Enttec ODE and suitable App. will be required, this is really for high end and professional use.