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600mm Flexible LED Tape (Black PCB) - White

Product Code: 600LEDT

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Product Description

This LED Tape has a black coating on the PCB making it ideal for creating Audi R8 Style Daytime Running Lights.

The LED Tape is Resin coated to protect the LEDs. The LEDs are Triple Chip making them bright enough to be visible in daylight hours.

The LED Tape is wired at both ends allowing the LED Tape to be cut at least once so that even the offcut is pre-wired.

There are cutting points at every 100mm along the LED Tape allowing it to be trimmed to length.

In the pictures you can see the LED Tape has been fitted to a VW Golf and Mercedes Van either side of the front Badge. The LED Tape was cut at the 300mm center and the ends of each of the 2 lengths were insulated with adhesive lined heat shrink making two 300mm lengths from the 600mm length.

There is a 3M Self-Adhesive backing making the product fast and easy to apply onto non-metallic surfaces.

For use on metals (even painted metal) we highly advise using a non-conductive insulator such as double sided number plate tape between the LED Tape and the metal to prevent possible short-circuits.

NOTE: As with all aftermarket car accessories a Fuse is ESSENTIAL. A 500ma Fast Blow Fuse MUST be installed between + wire of the LED Tape and as near to the battery + terminal as possible.

Product Specification

LED Type3-Chip SMD
LED ColourWhite
Dimensions10mm wide x 3mm Deep
Wire Length400mm
Colour Temp (K)6000
PCB ColourBlack