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Amber Colour Constant Current LED Tape (10-15vdc) (60 LEDs/M)(SILICONE) Waterproof (IP67)

Product Code: CCLEDT60(AMB)-S

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Pre-fitted with 1M of wire both ends, this allows you to cut the Tape in the middle 2 × 0.5M lengths without needing to do any soldering, 2 end caps are provided.


Product Description

This product can take 10-15vdc making it the only choice of LED Tape if you want long term reliability. Standard Constant Voltage LED Tapes can fade and even drop LEDs very quickly when used on vehicles due to higher voltages of up to 14.4v being present. By employing Transistorised circuitry on-board this LED Tape will outlast any standard LED Tape, it is backed by a 3 Year Warranty.

Each LED has it's own built-in micro circuit regulating both voltage and current resulting in uniform brightness and long lifetime. It has cutting points every just 16.5mm (at each LED) making it ideal for installations where accurately cut lengths are required.

This product has the added protection of our Silicone Coating with Silicone Injected, it is UV stable making the product suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

3 Year Warranty

Don't be fooled by claims of other LED Strip/Tape suppliers that make wild claims of 100,000 hour lifetimes, this is highly unlikely without a significant decrease in brightness or failed LED Emitters unless Constant Current Electronics is used.


  • Very long lifetime
  • Uniform brightness
  • Cutable at every LED (16mm)
  • Longer wire runs between driver and LED Tape, a voltage drop of 1vdc to 2vdc will have very little affect on brightness
  • Suitable for 12v vehicles where voltages reach 14.4vdc
  • Stable for use outdoors - will not yellow or crack

This is proven technology and we have already been supplying it to our installers and other reputable companies since 2013.

Product Specification

Working Voltage Range10v-15vdc
Current per Meter1A
Width of LED Strip12.5mm
Depth of LED Strip4.5mm
Lengths available1M
PCB ColourBlack
Expected Lifetime>50,000 hours
LEDs per Meter30
Cutting Points16.5mm
CertificationsCE, RoHS
IP Rating67
Warranty3 Years