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Ceiling and Wall Lighting Strip with Profile - Dotless

Product Code: P-LK

£61.95 inc VAT (£51.63 ex VAT)

Stock Level: In-Stock

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Dotless Light Kit

Total Kit sizes belkow. Upon receipt of order, we will contact you to confirm the exact length/s required. For example: For a room of 4M long by 2M wide and want to light all 4 sides you will need a 12M total kit size.

1M Total Kit size £61.95
2M Total Kit size £102.00
3M Total Kit size £107.95
4M Total Kit size £185.50
5M Total Kit size £223.75
6M Total Kit size £276.30
7M Total Kit size £315.35
8M Total Kit size £356.80
9M Total Kit size £393.45
10M Total Kit size £437.50
11M Total Kit size £475.35
12M Total Kit size £513.20
13M Total Kit size £551.05
14M Total Kit size £598.90
15M Total Kit size £636.75
16M Total Kit size £674.60
17M Total Kit size £712.45
18M Total Kit size £750.30
19M Total Kit size £816.15
20M Total Kit size £848.00
21M Total Kit size £885.55
22M Total Kit size £923.11
23M Total Kit size £977.65
24M Total Kit size £1015.20
25M Total Kit size £1052.75
26M Total Kit size £1090.30
27M Total Kit size £1,127.85
28M Total Kit size £1,185.40
29M Total Kit size £1,222.95
30M Total Kit size £1,260.50

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Product Description

Introducing our Litewave® Pro Line Ceiling Lighting Kit - The Ultimate Lighting Solution for your living area!

Say goodbye to outdated fluorescent tubes and fragile glass fixtures! Our cutting-edge Ceiling Lighting Kit is designed to provide a stunning line of light similar to a fluorescent tube but without any of the drawbacks. Here's what sets our kit apart from the rest:

  • Unmatched Longevity: We understand the importance of reliable lighting, especially for essential spaces. Unlike standard strip lighting, our Ceiling Lighting Kit is equipped with on-board Constant Current Drivers, ensuring an exceptionally long and trouble-free lifetime. With just a mere 3% decline in brightness after 10,000 hours of use, our professional-grade LED strip guarantees consistent illumination for well over 75,000 hours!
  • Superior Efficiency: Embrace energy efficiency with our Litewave Pro ® Line. A mere 1-meter of our LED strip draws only 9.6 Watts of energy while producing the equivalent light output of a 100W Halogen or a 40W Fluorescent Tube. Enjoy remarkable savings on your energy bills without compromising on brightness!
  • Architectural Precision: Our strips are specially designed for architectural use. We've incorporated an additional 40 components per meter, setting them apart from ordinary strips found elsewhere. The result is flawless lighting that elevates the aesthetics of any space.
  • Easy Installation & Protection: Installing our Ceiling Lighting Kit is a breeze! The LED strip is fixed securely inside our sleek Aluminium Channel Plaster-in Profile, which allows for a flush fit into walls or ceilings. The included opaque cover not only gives it a finished appearance but also provides vital protection from water and moisture in the air, ensuring the longevity of your investment.
  • Customizable Options: We've made the ordering process easy! Simply choose from our pre-configured lighting kit sizes, and we'll take care of the rest. Each kit includes Aluminium Profiles, Plastic Profile cover, Litewave Professional LED Strip, Colour Controller, and LED Driver. For a truly tailored experience, we'll get in touch after receiving your order to confirm the size of your room or lighting requirements, allowing for any necessary adjustments before shipping the order directly to you.

Revolutionize your lighting with our Litewave® Pro Line Ceiling Lighting Kit and experience the brilliance of our advanced LED technology. Embrace longevity, efficiency, and precision in one powerful package. Upgrade your living space with our exceptional lighting solution today!

Product Specification

Kit TypeFor setting into plasterboard
LED TypeEpistar 3528
Strip TypeLitewave Pro 24vdc, 120 LEDs/M
Driver Voltage240VAC stepped down to 24vdc
ColoursWhites 4500K, or Warm White 3000K
Brightness~950 Lumen/M
Cutting points50mm intervals
Warranty3 Years
CertificationsStrip: CE, RoHS
all LED Drivers carry all necessary safety Certs

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