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EL Wire - Glow Wire

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Product Description

Electroluminescent, EL Wire, or Glow Wire as it is often termed is a more subtle form of lighting than LEDs but can be just as effective.

Glow Wire is an ideal lighting product to use where a line of light is required, think of it as a flexible Neon tube but without the glass.

While LEDs can consume as much as 20 Watts per Meter, EL Wire uses just a 1/3 of a watt!

Glow Wire is very thin just 2.3mm in diameter and provides 360° of illumination. It is completely flexible, can be knotted, and cut to any length, the cuttings can even be re-used.

It is safe and gives off no heat. It is regularly used for special effects in movies such as Batman, Star Trek, and in some of the vehicles featured in the Fast and Furious movies.

Glow Wire has a multitude of uses. It can easily be inset into grooves or channels in metal, plastic, or wood such as around skirting boards, picture rails, architraves, staircases etc.

It can wrapped around your dashboard, speakers, amps, door cards, around the gear stick, along the piping of your seats.

This is from ELAM, the original Patent holding manufacturer, not to be confused with Chinese copies. We have purchased several thousand meters, this is how we are able to offer the EL Wire at such a low cost per Meter.

An inverter is also required for Glow Wire to light up. For use in the home an the Inverter should be powered from a 12v dc power supply.

*Available in the following colours:

  • Marine
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Purple*

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Product Specification

Voltage per Meter~90vrms
Current per Meter27ma
Power per Meter0.32w
Frequency400hz - 2000hz
Capacitance4.5 - 6.1NF
Diameter2.1-2.3mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Lifetime3000-5000 hours


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  Power Supplies Price  
2A Switchmode Plug-top 12vdc Power Supply, Free DC Connector (5 Amp)
Capable of powering up to 50 Meters of EL Wire