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Product Code: ICEGEM

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Product Description

The ICELED Gem is designed for use in 12v vehicles where voltages can vary greatly, it is capable of displaying 2.1 Million Colours.

The latest Version 2 Gem now uses Triple Chip SMD LEDs instead of the older individual Red, Green, and Blue LEDs.

This makes the colours render very smoothly and produces a brighter more even light than the previous GEM.

The Gem can be used as a direct replacement for the interior 1.5" 5-10 watt festoon bulbs use for the interior light in most vehices. It also lends itself very well for lighting In-Car-Entertainment systems, or even colour changing headlamp conversions.

The Gem can draw it's power from any suitable light fitting. A detachable cable is included that can be used to provide power and/or Data for linking to ICELED Controllers such as the ZAP+ or ZEN, shown in the related items section below.

The Gem can be used with or without the Controllers making it ideal as a standalone light source anywhere that 12vdc is present.

The maximum Power Consumption is just 1.8 Watts.

Designed & Manufactured in the U.K

Product Specification

Operating Voltage10-16vdc
Typical Current drain0.1 Amps (100ma)
Maximum Current drain0.05 Amps (50ma)
Dimensions(L) 38mm x (W) 15mm x (H) 10mm Excluding Contacts
Cable length4.2M (14Ft)
DurabilityNot Waterproof
Maximum Power Consumption1.8 Watts

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