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Outdoor Side Glow Fibre Optic Cable (8.8mm)

Product Code: 8.8mSGC

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Product Description

Similar to our 3mm and 6mm Fibre this has the same core size as the 6mm Fibre but has a protective PVC jacket around it for protection against Sunlight (UV) for long term use outdoors.

Side Glow Fiber Optic cable produces the appearance of Neon tubes without the fragile glass or high voltage.

Light projected down the end of the Fibre results in the whole length of the Fibre and the opposite end glowing.

It is ideal for use outdoors or indoors, such as as along driveways, and around pools and ponds.

Unlike Neon, Side Glow Fibre Optics are not limited to a single colour but will display whatever colour of light is projected down the end. If used with our CoolFusion or our 3w Projector the Fibre will be able to display millions of different colours.

Side Glow Fiber is bendable so will follow contours, it can also be trimmed to size with a sharp knife.

For a run of 10 Meters the Fibre can be connected to the projector at one end only. If a run of 10 or more meters is required we would recommend looping the Fibre back to the projector so it is illuminated from both sides. Alternatively an additional projector can be used if a loop is not possible, this projector can act as a repeater for very long runs of fibre optics such as along driveways.

For example: If lighting the edge of a driveway you could have 10 to 15 Meters of Fibre Optic Cable with a projector at the start and end, then the next length of Fibre Optic can be illuminated from the same projector since there are 5 holes in the projector. It can also allow a spider's leg configuration where several Fibres run from the projector in different directions.

Where required we can have more holes machined into the end of the projector.

PLEASE NOTE: Although this product looks stunning at night, it is NOT daylight visible.

Product Specification

Overall Diameter8.8mm
Outer JacketPVC
Maximum Bend Radius90mm
Temperature Range-40~+85 ° C
Light Attenuation<350db / km
Wavelength Range390-760nm
Numerical Aperture0.6
Clad Reference Index1.402
DurabilityIP68 (submersible)

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