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Kitchen LED Lights

Even the best kitchens can look dull without a good lighting scheme.

In addition to the traditional white down lights, there are 4 Main ways of creating good lighting for your kitchen:

Kick board /Plinth Lights under the kitchen base cabinets.

Our LED Strips will create a wash of light for a floating appearance. The LED Strips can be single colour or colour changeable, you even change the colour from a Smartphone or Tablet.

Points of lights in the kick boards / plinths

Our single colour or colour changeable Plinth Lights are ideal for this, we have a variety of sizes and finishes available. They can be linked to the LED Strip lights if required. For synchronised control and colours.

Uplighting the ceiling from the tops of the cabinets.

This is done by fitting LED Strip to the tops of the kitchen cabinets. The tops of kitchen cabinets can quickly get a film of grease and dust so for ease of cleaning and hygiene we recommend our Waterproof LED Strip, available in standard or professional options, and also single or colour changeable.

Kitchen Work Surface Lighting.

Traditionally halogens and fluorescent tubes have been used to accomplish this. Our Samsung LED Strip is one of the best options available. It is bright and will last longer than most other LED Strips currently on the market. It can also be dimmed from a wall dimmer using our range of Mains Dimmable Transformers.

Any of our Non Waterproof LED Strips can be set into our Aluminium Profiles for a factory finished appearance.