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ICELED Matrix £39.95  
Package Deal. 4 x ICELED Matrix & ZAP (Wired) Controller - Save £20.00 £176.95  
Package Deal. 2 x ICELED Matrix & ZAP (Wired) Controller - Save £10.00 £107.90  
Package Deal. 2 x ICELED Matrix & ZEN (Wireless) Controller - Save £10.00 £147.90  
Package Deal. 4 x ICELED Matrix & ZEN (Wireless) Controller - Save £22.00 £215.80  
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Product Description

Suitable for use inside or outside the home, and for vehicles - including marine.

*The Matrix is fully encapsulated in a specialist Resin making it fully waterproof and capable of withstanding permanent immersion in water. (Not recommended for immersion in ponds or aquariums).

The ICELED Matrix is a compact digital light source capable of emitting an extra wide beam in any of over 2 million different colours. Full colour mixing is obtained using second-generation integrated RGB LEDs which eliminate colour shadowing and make the source suitable for direct viewing at a safe distance.

Matrix has been designed to compliment and integrate with other devices in the ICELED Range of networked lighting products and can be connected directly to controllers such as UFO, ZEN and ZAP.

It can also function in a useful stand-alone mode allowing it to be used with nothing more than a 12 Volt Supply. This makes Matrix a direct replacement for neon and incandescent lighting in many applications - with the added advantage of being able to produce almost any colour in the visible spectrum.

Feature Summary

  • Extra Wide Beam
  • Two-million colours
  • No colour shadowing
  • Directly viewable
  • Compatible with all ICELED Controllers
  • Fully waterproof

Product Specification

Dimensions(L) 50mm x (W) 50mm x (H) 15mm
Cable length4.2M (14Ft)
DurabilityRATED AT IP68 (Submersible)
Case MaterialABS
Typical Current drain0.1 Amps (100ma)
Maximum Current drain0.25 Amps (250ma)
Maximum Power Consumption3 Watts
Voltage12vdc (MAX ~18vdc)

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